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Automotive Case Study

Corrosion Problems are a Thing of the Past

Sector: Automotive
Solution: Barrier Foil Case Liners
Benefit: Total moisture protection. Protection against aggressive gases

Corrosion problems are now a thing of the past for a manufacturer of connecting rods for diesel engines. Routine packaging using VCI polythene and inhibitors over many months failed to prevent corrosion of product in transit to the USA.

Following extensive research and development trials, the introduction of barrier foil case liners with desiccant has proven to effectively cure corrosive problems in a cost effective manner.

Barrier Foil is a flexible barrier with the lowest known water vapour transmission rate. Industrial polythene lets water vapour and aggressive gases seep through allowing corrosion to occur, but a small calculated amount of desiccant inside a heat sealed barrier foil bag will ensure the relative humidity stays well below 40% (the start point for corrosion).

Barrier Foils derive their protective properties from a combination of materials and a strong laminate construction. Comprising of 3 or 4 plys of different materials and bonded together using adhesive or extrusion coating.

Additionally, the minimum quantity of desiccant required in Barrier Foil, compared to the larger quantity used when polythene is used can significantly reduce packaging costs.

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