Determine the condition of goods at every stage…

ShockWatch® indicators offer valuable means of determining the condition of the goods at every stage of the distribution chain and provide a very visible deterrent to mishandling.

ShockWatch® is an impact detection device which fixes directly to the outside of shipping cartons. The label contains a tiny vial filled with a special liquid which turns from clear to bright red if the package is roughly handled.

Unfortunately, the ShockWatch® is known to activate during the shipment from ourselves to the customer or indeed from our customer to their ultimate end-user. This made the ShockWatch unproductive and purposeless to our customers or their customers, however, we are delighted to tell you that we stock the new and improved ShockWatch®2.

Why choose ShockWatch®2?

  • Unlike the ShockWatch®, the ShockWatch®2 will not activate during shipment from Protective Packaging Ltd to the customer or indeed from the customer to their ultimate end-user.
  • The ShockWatch®2 can only be activated at the point of use by simply peeling the protective backing label off of the reverse of the device.
  • The backing label must also be removed to attach the device to the package ensuring that the device is always and only activated when attached to its package.
  • It is now possible for us to ship the ShockWatch®2 via a standard parcel carrier rather than the previous need to ship on a specially protected pallet with a dedicated forwarder.
  • Each individual ShockWatch® 2 is also serialised and the corresponding serial number can be written on the shipping documents eliminating the need to put one inside the case as well as on the outside as tampering with or replacing the device is no longer possible.


The ShockWatch®2 is available in stock with a MOQ of 100 pieces. Please contact our Customer Support team on 0161 976 2006 if you require any further information.

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Why use an Aluminium Barrier Foil Drum Liner?

Do you produce or manufacture atmospherically-sensitive products and use Drums or Pails during your processing? They are a popular solution for the packaging of adhesives and sealants, particularly reactive hot melts, specialty chemicals, colorants, pharmaceuticals, plastic resins and compounds.

Some of these applications can create cleanliness issues and contamination during processing meaning that your company has to either dispose of the Drums or Pails securely or for them to be sterilised before they are reused which both have associated costs. As well as this many drums or pails do not protect your products from Moisture or Oxygen Ingress. Because of this, we introduced the manufacture of Aluminium Barrier Foil Drum Liners.

Round-Bottom Drum and Pail Liners act like flexible steel cans and can be manufactured to suit all sizes of Pails and Drums to ensure complete climatic protection due to the Aluminium Barrier Foil material.

What are the benefits of Round-Bottom Drum & Pail Liners?

– Allows Drum reusability and Drum cleanliness
– Provides the possibility to downgrade your drums to fibre or corrugate
– Product waste is reduced as liner strips easily away from the products
– Suitable for hot-fill products up to 160°C
– Food Contact Approved and Static Dissipative Materials Available
– Maintains the product’s moisture content and eliminates the need to
Re-dry prior to further processing

Round Bottom Drum and Pail liners manufactured out of Aluminium Barrier Foil can offer your company cost-effective solutions to the packing and shipping of your moisture sensitive applications.

If you would like any further information on this product range or our service then please contact us through our contact page here.

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No More Mould!

After recently buying our first home, it’s safe to say I was less than impressed to find damp earlier this year in our newly fitted built-in wardrobes!

After starting here at Protective Packaging, I decided to invest in a Dampstick.

So far it has been hung in the Wardrobe for 5 weeks, I have been weighing it every couple of weeks and keeping track of how much water it has collected.

The starting weight of a Dampstick is 1.5kg. After the first 2 weeks, it was weighing in at 2kg! After a further 3 weeks, it now weighs over 2.5kg.

My pictures below show just how much water has been collected in just 5 weeks. And no sign of damp or mould whatsoever!


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Zipper pouches are designed to offer the benefits of a barrier foil laminate pouch with the addition of a re-sealable zipper for products which may not be used all at once.  The zipper allows the pack to be re-sealed and the product quality maintained.  Typical uses are medical diagnostic kits, chemical samples, dried food additives such as herbs, disinfectant wipes.  The pouch can be tamper evident, made with a top seal above the zipper and the bottom open, ensuring that the zipper is not damaged or contaminated during filling.

We are usually able to offer as few as 1,000 zipper pouches.  The minimum size for a flat zipper pouch is 50mm x 50mm and maximum size is 600mm x 600mm.

Other features available are:

• Tear Notches

• Rounded Corners

• Euro Slot

• Flap

• Tape

• Printing

We can also supply stand up pouches minimum 75mm wide, maximum 220mm wide x 275mm long (265mm long with zipper).


Please contact our Customer Support team for more information.

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Packaging the most unusual & challenging of Applications

Being a part of the Sales & Customer Support team offers such a variety of tasks; literally, no two days are the same. One of the most interesting and rewarding parts of the role is working with our customers to come up with a packaging solution for the most unusual and challenging product/application.

With a large range of barrier foil laminates at our disposal, we can select the most appropriate material to protect your products from moisture, odour transfer, oxygen ingress, U.V. light and temperature extremes. We can offer various styles of 2D & 3D bags and add other elements such as desiccant, humidity indicators, degassing valves and damage indicators where appropriate.

With years of experience in all areas of the business, we can offer innovative designs to the most challenging problem. Many of the designs that we have worked on with our customers have been recognised by industry awards.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Sales & Customer Support team if you have a packaging product that you would like to discuss with one of our team.

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Should have gone to Specsavers!

At Protective Packaging, we are well stocked with years of experience, readily available to help our customers with their barrier foil requirements.

Quite often, customers approach us with issues about inspecting the internals of a foil bag once it has been hermetically sealed. This could be due to customs clearance, inspection of products during transit, or the ability to monitor humidity levels inside of the bag but the list really does go on as to why our customers may need the contents of their High Barrier Foil packaging inspected!

As most of our foil laminates used to make 2D/3D bags contain a layer of aluminium, there is no way to see into the bag, without breaking the hermetic seal. To avoid having to do this and causing moisture damage to the products that you are trying to protect during transit or storage, we have a clear, high barrier, flexible material available which can be implemented in different formats:

Viewing Window:

A viewing window can be fitted in your preferred location of the High Barrier Foil Bag and to make sure that we get the location correct, we will first send you a drawing of your bag indicating the position of the window for your approval! Inserting a viewing window into your bag means that you can see inside the bag without breaking the seal, meaning that the high levels of moisture protection that barrier foil offers are maintained.

Humidity Indicator:

If you need to check the levels of the humidity within your packaged product during shipment, we can fit your packaging with a viewing window complete with a humidity indicator card which shows you the level of humidity within your bag easily.

Viewing Panel:

If you need more than just a small viewing window, maybe for customs clearance, we are able to manufacture a bag that has a whole panel made from our clear material. This is a tried and tested solution for the passing of the product through customs inspections without having to open the bag and expose your product to moisture damage. Just let us know which panel of the 3D barrier foil bag will need to be viewable to customs, and with an approved drawing from yourself, we will be able to create a unique barrier foil bag to suit your needs.

If you would like to enquire about our PPCC1 material, then contact our customer support team on 0161 976 2006 ext 2.

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Box Liners Protect your Assets!

Having recently moved home it, of course, meant that a “few” boxes joined us along the way to our new home!

I have a tendency to be very organised so prior to the big house move, I was packing our stuff up on a weekly basis and shipping the boxes off to my dutiful parents’ house. Unfortunately, my parents also didn’t have the space to store all our stuff in their house so the boxes were downgraded to garage accommodation!

Due to Britain’s unpredictable weather, particularly rainy Manchester, I wanted to get one step ahead and ensure that none of our belonging was going to be damaged by the unpredictable, wet climate!

To protect our belongings which ranged from food items all the way to electrical items, I ordered myself some Barrier Foil Box Liners which were custom made to fit the dimension of our corrugated boxes perfectly.

Barrier Foil Liners protect products that are susceptible to moisture and vapour damage during transportation or storage and by ordering through Protective Packaging Ltd, there was no minimum order quantity which made this the best packaging format and service for my needs at this time.

Buying a home, especially your first can be extremely stressful and emotional so the last thing I wanted was to be worrying about the condition of our belongings whilst in storage, however, Protective Packaging Ltd’s Barrier Foil Liners can also be advantageous to the dried product industry!

Some of our most popular applications are:

  • – Engineered Plastics
  • – Polymers and Resins
  • – Re-active Hot Melt Adhesives
  • – Pharmaceutical Intermediates
  • – Food Ingredients

For further information or a sample request, please contact our customer support team on 0161 976 2006 ext 2.


Author: Laura Carter, Accounts Department.

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Protecting your products from temperature extremes

Britain has enjoyed its hottest day of the year this weekend surpassing the likes of Ibiza and Thailand’s temperatures! With this in mind, we thought that you’d appreciate some further information on how you can protect your temperature sensitive products from this beautiful weather.

In this article, we will explore how our manufactured range of laminates including our PPUV129 laminate is the perfect partner for your temperature sensitive products.

PPUV129’s combination of reflective metallised, polyester film and thermally insulating bubble polyethylene enables it to control your products temperature through various temperature extremes.

Our materials are suitable for the protection of all product formulation types, across a range of industries, including Pharmaceuticals, Food Ingredients and Speciality Chemicals. They can also be considered as a substitute to polystyrene in reducing the sublimation of dry ice!

Bespoke packaging formats including pallet hoods, carton in-liners, bags and pouches to suit each requirement to give protection against extremes are available.

Key Benefits:

Low Water Vapour Transmission Rates

Approved for Food Contact

Protect Product Integrity

Samples are available for your evaluation, please contact Customer Support on 0161 976 2006, Opt 2 for further information.

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HZ Sealers: Barrier Foils perfect match!

Our HZ Sealers are a light weight, mobile hand sealer which is ready to be used in all positions. Both sealing bars are permanently heated and the temperature can be adjusted to suit all different types of barrier foil laminates, removing the need to have multiple types of hand sealers just to attend to different barrier foil types.

The HZ Sealers have a sturdy sealing jaw which 12mm wide, giving you perfect sealing results! Their improved technology makes them indispensible to those that are responsible for providing a hermetic seal. They allow you to seal a coated aluminium film and all other barrier materials, within a matter of seconds but still provide a top of the range seal, aiding the protection of your products from climatic change.

Heat Sealer demonstration with Barrier Foil

HZ Hand Sealers are available in 300mm, 400mm and 500mm sealing weld lengths. Please visit our dedicated heat sealer page here or contact our customer support team for further information.

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What is inside your Barrier Foil Bag?

If your product needs to be visually inspected for security reasons without being opened we can fit a clear panel in one side of the Bag.

Aluminium Foil Barrier Bag

In machinery applications Corrosion normally starts at 38 % relative humidity so with the use of our Humidity Indicator and correct amount of Desiccant your product can be kept at a safe limit which means you do not have to open the bag to examine the contents.

Desiccant Pouches

We can design the right Barrier Foil Bag for your application so please contact our sales team for further information.

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