Protective Packaging’s Team off to a good start

Protective Packaging blogSale Communities Under 8’s sponsored by Protective Packaging recently hosted a friendly tournament at their home ground, Sale High School. In total 6 teams attended the event and played 5 games during the morning. Sale Communities Eagles won three and drew 2 of the 5 games beating Sale Utd A, Unicorn Athletic and Monton AFC along the way. Man of the tournament, Aidan Dolan scored 4 goals and put in a great performance. These results really reflect the progress the kids have made over the last year and watching the passing and general awareness on the pitch really highlights the great set up at Sale Communities JFC. The next set of matches will take place on Saturday 15th October

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Health & Safety Investment

To help assist in the health and safety management on site, Assistant Manufacturing Manager Ben Lewis is undertaking the NEBOSH National General Certificate at SETA training in Stockport. This will help support John Budden (Quality Manager) in the management and control of health and safety on site at Protective Packaging Limited.

The course is day release and runs for 10 weeks followed by 3 exams. This includes practical examinations. We would all like to wish Ben good luck in the successful completion of this well respected qualification.

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50th Birthday celebrations

Protective Packaging blogOur longest serving team member Philip recently celebrated his 50th birthday. Colleagues and customers joined Philip and his family for a party celebration. Philip joined Protective Packaging at the age of 28 years and 22 years later he is still a key member of both the company and the Customer Support team.

Over the years Philip has travelled the world with Protective Packaging, being involved with technical support and new specialist packaging projects, he is always available to help.

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Reds and Blues

As an equal opportunities employer, Protective Packaging employs Manchester City fans as well as Manchester United fans and all concerned are counting down to the day of, potentially, one of the games of the Premier League season on 23rd October at Old Trafford when the teams face each other for the first time since the Community Shield when the Reds triumphed at Wembley Stadium. Come on you………….what’s your choice?

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As further evidence of us having the industry’s shortest leadtimes and allowing customers to receive product when it is actually required, we received a call from a company in Scandinavia who required a quantity of several thousand barrier foil bags but required them quickly. The company was amazed to hear that the manufacture of the bags and the shipment to their Scandinavian location could be done within five days. Suffice it to say, this amazing but totally typical leadtime, allowed us to secure the business.

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Here at PPL, we are delighted with the continued growth in the export side of our business and as at the end of August 2011, export sales exceeded domestic sales for the first time. We will continue to use all available Sales and Marketing techniques to reach our export sales goals and fulfil our growth aspirations.

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How do we calculate your desiccant requirement?

desiccantHow do we calculate the desiccant requirement for your Barrier Foil packaging requirements?
Many of our customers ask this question, wondering what method we use to make sure the right amount of desiccant is used for each individual barrier foil bag. Below is the calculation used for every application to make sure your contents arrive at their destination in pristine condition.
On every occasion we will always do the calculation for you but here you can see how we reach the required amount of desiccant we recommend for your specific order.

Desiccant Calculation –BRITISH STANDARDS BS1133-SECTION 19
For Temperate Climates: W=11ARM+DF
For Tropical Climates: W=40ARM+DF
W = Weight in grammes of basic desiccant
A = Area in square metres of the moisture vapour barrier
R = Water vapour transmission rate of the barrier in grammes per square metre per 24 hours measured at 90%RH and 38°C (100°F)
M = Maximum time in months of transit and storage
D = Weight in grammes of blocking, cushioning and any other hygroscopic packaging
D = Materials inside the barrier (including cartons etc.)
F = Factor, depending on type of dunnage

Our standard activated clay bags are 1 unit, 2 unit, 3 unit, 4 unit, 8 unit and 16 unit type approved to Mil-D-3464, Def Stan 81-68 and DIN 55473
If the answer to the formula is 400g of basic desiccant, then the customer would use a 16 unit bag of activated clay.

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