“Wear it Pink” success once again

wear it pinkFriday the 28th of October saw the return of Wear it Pink Day, one of the biggest fundraising events for the Breast Cancer Campaign charity.

Taking part is really very easy – simply wear something pink for the day and donate at least £2 for this privilege – and so the Protective Packaging staff just had to get involved once again for this annual event to raise money for the worthy cause!

Although some of the items staff claimed to be pink were a bit dubious and some t-shirts looked like they used to be white and got mixed up in the wash, staff still made the effort for this worthy event wearing items ranging from shoes, socks & t-shirts to scarves, jumpers and wigs.

We also took part in the fun competition organised by the Breast Cancer Campaign and this was won by Sophie who very kindly donated her winnings back into the pot. In total we raised £73 with all the money being raised for the Breast Cancer Campaign charity which help in the support, prevention and treatment of breast cancer across the UK.

Well done to everyone who took part.

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Perfect deterrent to poor handling of freight

shockwatch indicatorsShockwatch and Tiltwatch indicators are a deterrent to the poor handling of freight, preventing both damage to high value products and acting as an effective ‘informant’, even if impact damage occurs when the carrier is not at fault. One of our customers services vacuum pumps and ships them to and from their customers in re-useable crates. These pumps must be carefully handled because they are tall, top heavy and easily damaged if they suffer any severe impact.

Due to numerous regular damage complaints from a major customer, they were having to strip and rebuild, free of charge, recently refurbished pumps which had suffered
severe damage due to being dropped onto their sides. This work was costing thousands of pounds and they had no way of identifying where or when the damage was occurring.

The introduction of Shockwatch and Tiltwatch quickly solved the problem. The recipient of the pumps continued claiming for damages, but then had to admit that the Shockwatch and Tiltwatch indicators were not activated when the crates were received and signed for ‘clean’. In fact, the some of crates used to transport the damaged pumps were returned containing further pumps for service work with original indicators still un-activated. An internal investigation on the recipient’s part meant these latest claims were withdrawn, as the damage was occurring after receipt from the carrier. The damage claims ceased.

A perfect example of investing a few pounds in order to save thousands.

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ProDriPoles in wardrobes

prodripoleprodripoleFor the past three or four years I have had a problem with damp in two of my wardrobes which are both on the same outside wall. I used to buy small desiccant packs online, which had to be renewed every month. This was quite time-consuming as the containers had to be washed and dried thoroughly before I could refill them with desiccant. These did not completely cure the dampness of the clothes in the wardrobes, or the musty smell, particularly in the smallest room. I also bought a de-humidifier but was concerned about the amount of electricity this was using, and the noise it made when in use. Three months ago I decided to try a ProDriPole in each wardrobe and I have been extremely impressed with them, the clothes are nice and dry and the walls of the wardrobes are free from damp and mould. The weight of an unused ProDriPole is 1Kg, after one month in use the weight was 1.2Kg, after two months it was 1.8Kg, and after three months the weight was 2Kg. There is still space for more water, so I would estimate that the pole will last for one more month. This is a more cost effective way of keeping my clothes dry, and the musty smell out of the box room. I will definitely continue to use them.

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Moving the Accounts and IT Departments

How to set up a new office in just a couple of hours. Just 2 years ago this would have been a daunting task, there would be complex planning and high costs involved to set up new fibre links for the data network and the move would have to coincide with an external company hard wiring new phone lines. But now as our data and telephone systems have improved to RDP and VIOP respectively the move couldn’t have been easier.

Here at Protective Packaging we have entered the world of Plug and Play. Move a PC plug it in and it works straight away, the same for printers. Move a Phone and plug it in and it’s again up and working straight away. The move also had a sensible and practical rehearsal for disaster recovery, talking and planning moving an entire office is one thing, but actually doing it proves how successful our IT setup is.

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shocklogShockLog impact & environmental recorders are an excellent product designed to monitor critical goods and equipment that need special care and handling during transportation, storage and use. The recorders provide ongoing monitoring of the intensity and duration of shock and vibration to large stationary or moving equipment, structures and products.

The recorder will identify when high levels of shock and vibration occur during a journey and the data is date and time stamped which enables the operator to locate the place where the shock or vibration has happened which gives them information to look into why the issue is occurring.
Shock, vibrations and some environmental conditions can cause costly damage. Identifying where and how these unacceptable conditions happen, is a step closer in preventing future damage to goods.

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Eagles and Falcons continue to score

Sale Communities Under 8 teams both had victories this weekend in their first full format 7 A Side Games this season. St Johns Celtic from Chorlton were the visitors who played both Sale Community teams and in the first of 2 matches the Sale Community Eagles (team A) came through with a 2-0 victory with Aidan Dolan and Sam Gough on the scoresheet. Sale Community Falcons (team B) then followed that game with a 1-0 win, with James Garside scoring the only goal of the game.

The parents and manager of St Johns Celtic were full of compliments about our club, our sponsors, Protective Packaging Ltd and the way the under 8’s played great passing football during the 2 matches.

Whilst we await confirmation the next scheduled game will be next week against Partington AFC.

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Big steps – in a short time.

Protective Packaging blog
I joined the Accounts team of PPL in January 2009 – after working continuously in Accounts for over thirty years.

I have found that the most amazing aspect of our operations here is the speed at which we can respond to, deliver and satisfy our clients and potential customers – and swiftly provide Management Information, essential reporting and key financial data so that ongoing and effective planning may be facilitated.

On the Purchase ledger side this has been underlined by the new electronic Supplier payment and remittance programme which has been introduced this summer.

Our suppliers are now paid directly into their designated account – no more waiting for that “cheque in the post” – and their details of payment are also emailed instantly.
This provides a highly efficient and professional service – which is welcomed both inside and outside the Accounts department.

The times they are a-changing – and how!

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Reds & Blues Part 2

The start of the football season has been particularly exciting for the employees of Protective Packaging who follow the fortunes of City and United.

Barely a goal now separates the 2 teams at the top of the Premier league which has lead to hearty debate throughout the work place.

We expect this feverish excitement to build ahead of the Big Manchester Derby clash at Old Trafford on October 23rd – May the best team win.

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“What we must always see is the unforeseen” Victor Hugo, 1862

2011 has already given us many examples of the importance for continuity plans in the face of disaster. Earlier in the year we have the examples of Queensland’s floods and the UK’s big freeze. More recently, the UK riots have shown how quickly situations can spiral out of control, massively affecting businesses throughout the country.

These events highlight the importance of having a plan in place for recovery from a disaster. We pride ourselves on providing timely and quality service to our customers, and we recognise the importance of being able to continue to meet these high standards even if something should happen to affect the day to day running of the company.

Due to this, throughout the year we have dedicated significant efforts to developing an effective disaster plan that will allow us to continue to trade even if we were faced with a catastrophe on site. This succession planning is vital for both our employees and our customers, and, as always, we are committed to both.

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