Technology at our fingertips

Here at Protective Packaging Ltd we have installed Biometric hand scanning devices at entry points to our buildings. This provides instant recognition of all employees entering and leaving our premises. Some people might think that with these machines “big brother” is watching. This is far from the case. From a Health and Safety point of view the electronic data contained provides a valuable tool in that at the touch of a button, it produces a full list of all employees on site.

This means that in an emergency evacuation situation we would NOT be putting the lives of “fire fighters” at risk by having to enter a burning building looking for employees who are not present at muster stations.
Additionally we are able to produce many reports to assist heads of departments in the management of their staff by being able to speedily produce weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual attendance and specific absence reports in preparation for wages and salaries, calculation of bonuses, maintenance of holiday entitlements and much more.

So next time you are “just popping to the local shop” remember the golden rule:
Going off site – clock out

Nicola – Accounts Dept.

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Making sure our products arrive on time, every time

Having moved to Manchester from Ireland over a year ago I joined the Customer Support team here at Protective Packaging. It is a challenging and enjoyable role as I get to help our customers on a daily basis with their queries and come up with solutions to their packaging needs.

I recently have taken on the role of looking after the UK freight. This involves making sure that all of the orders for our Uk based customers are sent out on the quickest and most efficient services. I constantly monitor the freight throughout the day to make sure that all orders will be going out on time. It is very important to us that we deliver goods on or before the date required by our customers. I have spent time training in our logistics department which has given me a better understanding of the process in which we pack and prepare our products for despatch.

The next role that I will take on will be to look after international freight as well as the UK freight. There will be a lot more involved with this role and I look forward to the new challenge.

Stephen O’Sullivan
Customer Support

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“You’ve got to be good and you’ve got to be known to be good”

Mother Victorine, my headmistress at Loreto Convent, always finished her homilies with the above words of encouragement. At Protective Packaging Ltd. we have certainly taken her words to heart.

Here in the Accounts Department we are always guided by the principle “never assume, always check” so that we all may be sure that our accuracy can be relied upon. As the daughter of a tailor, I know how important it is to measure twice as you can only cut once.

Our training has been so thorough that between us, as each team member is fully conversant with their colleague’s duties, holidays present no problem as we can always deputise for each other.

How are we known?

Our customers and suppliers, for many years now, have continued to enjoy communicating with us in a most amicable relationship, where we all respect and provide a professional rapport.

Within Protective Packaging Ltd. we, as a team, are always on hand to help other departments, when our schedule permits, so that their workload is shared and the daily routine and provision of an efficient, effective and proactive service is never compromised.

Mother Victorine would be proud!

Accounts Department

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The Movers and Storers Show 2011

Protective Packaging blogOn Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd November, PPL took to our stand at The Movers and Storers Show at the Telford International Centre. Although we didn’t have any famous lookalikes – we saw Ricky Gervais, Wonder Woman and (a questionable!) Tom Cruise, we still managed to attract visitors to our stand.

As the biggest trade exhibition for the removals and storage industries, it was an exciting show for PPL as for many of the visitors, we were a new name to the industry. Our ProDriPole and ProtectAtainer generated plenty of interest and it was great to meet potential clients who really felt they had applications where these products, along with our barrier foil bags, desiccants and impact indicators, would help them to provide a better service to their customers.

Personally, it was my first exhibition and I enjoyed getting a taste of the Sales function of PPL. It gave me a great opportunity to learn from my more experienced colleagues, Philip and Sarah. Even though PPL didn’t have any lookalikes on the stand, Philip showed me the importance of both looking good and knowing your stuff, making sure he was groomed to perfection, in aid of Movember.

Now we’re back in the office, Sales and Customer Support will be following up with the sales leads which were generated and hopefully we can gain some new customers, in a new industry!

Management Trainee

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Accounts Gone By

November 2011 is proving to be the warmest November since records began. November is also a special month for me as it is my birthday. This makes me think of accounting records “in my day”.

Being an older member of PPL, I remember when technology was none existent. The outcome and the method for accounts was always the same – money out / money in. How we got there took much longer and needed many more team players.

Perhaps the introduction to work from my first employer put me in good stead for the years spent employed in various industries. My first job from school at the splendid age of 16 was a grounding better to none. It has kept me focused even when “the job” wasn’t all I wanted. The rewards are a “pay packet” at the end of the week/month – this is always worthy of dedication to the job.

Turning the digits round at 61, I still feel we, as an older generation, cannot be written off.

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ISO9001:2008 – Another Successful Audit

November saw the routine audit of our ISO9001:2008 system take place by Knight International Inspectorate. Following another in depth inspection, I am pleased to report that the audit was a success with only one minor issue raised.

Protective Packaging is delighted with the successful audit, which represents a continuity of our ISO certification since our first audit in November 1990 when, of course, the Standard was known as BS5750. Well done to all for your continuing efforts and compliance.

This audit will see the end of the current certificates life which means next year we will be working for re-certification for a further 3 years, so the audit will be longer and even more intense; work is already under way in preparation.

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Recognition for Innovative Ideas

I have worked in the Customer Support team at Protective Packaging for the past two and a half years. One of the many positives of working at this company is that we are rewarded for any ideas of Business Improvements that we come up with, ideas to improve the systems and procedures we use.

I came up with a time saving idea that would greatly benefit my team and ultimately the customers, as it significantly reduces the input time taken to process bag orders and quotes.

As a reward for my idea I received a monetary bonus which was much appreciated and spent in no time at all.

Customer Support Department

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Customer Support Night Out

I have worked at Protective Packaging Ltd for 8 years and one thing that is consistent is our ability to work hard as a team in Customer Support. Being able to work well together helps us to provide an excellent customer service.

The Customer Support team don’t just work hard, we also know how to play hard, which is why we take it upon ourselves to arrange nights out to boost team morale.

We have recently been on a night out to a Chinese in Urmston which my colleague, Mike, suggested. Thanks Mike; the food was lovely and it was another great night.

Customer Support Department

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Why Customers Leave

Whether you like to admit it or not, all businesses make mistakes. Perhaps an error on an invoice or maybe a delay on an order. These things happen to every business and statistics show that customers find these things are forgivable. But, statistics also show that customers will not forgive bad customer service.

Why will a customer leave you because of bad customer service and not because of other mistakes your business may make? It is because customer service is personal. An invoicing dispute isn’t personal, neither is a late delivery.
If a customer is treated poorly they will not forget it.

At Protective Packaging we go out of our way to give an excellent service, supplying a high quality product in a timely fashion. But if we do make a mistake, we know the importance of doing everything required to resolve the issue keeping the relationship with the customer intact.

We must be doing something right as we have loyal customers that we have been supplying for many years.

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ProDriPole Success Makes Happy Campers of 3rd Wilnecote Scout Group

In August 2011, 3rd Wilnecote Scout Group contacted Protective Packaging Limited regarding our unique desiccant product, the ProDriPole. Having just purchased a 40ft static container for the storage of their canvas tents and other camping equipment, the Scout Group needed to find a simple but effective solution that would ensure the items were protected from damp throughout autumn and winter.

ProDriPole provides extremely efficient protection of goods from the detrimental effects of moisture which is exactly what the Scouts were after! In addition to the pole’s high performance and environmentally friendly properties, it provided an extremely cost-effective solution to the 3rd Wilnecote Scout Group, whose alternative solution would have been expensive, and time consuming to install, ply lining. Once they had visited the product page on our website, they knew ProDriPole was the solution for them!

Protective Packaging was glad to have the opportunity to support the Scouts and donated a box of ProDriPoles to the Group. We were then thrilled to receive the following feedback from the Group Scout Leader in November 2011:

“All our canvas tents and equipment have been in our 40ft container since August. The ProDriPoles are working an absolute treat! All our gear is dry with no signs of damp and, upon inspection of the poles today, all 8 of them now contain approximately 15cm depth of liquid. We are extremely pleased with their performance; many thanks again.”

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