Secret Santa part 2

Protective Packaging blogOn the 16th of Dec this year we opened up the secret Santa presents. As usual some of the gifts were very funny! Surprisingly a lot of the gifts were alcoholic, which was a good thing as we had our Christmas party at the Hilton in Manchester that evening, so I can imagine the alcoholic gifts were consumed before hand; I know my sparkling rose wine was.

Each year I organise the secret Santa as it is a good way to show your appreciation to the member of staff you have picked out. It also makes the office feel very Christmassy with the presents in Santa’s sack and then put under the VERY small tree. It is a lovely way to end the year with some very interesting gifts to be given. Laura received her mug she explained she wanted in my last blog! I would have to say the funniest one this year goes to Bertie, our French rep who received a drinks tray with Tray Bien* written on it, however the gifts I received were very good also. I got a bottle of sparkling rose wine (my favourite) , an alarm clock, some black fluffy dice to hang in my car & a jelly shots mould. It is safe to say I have been very spoilt this year and I would like to thank my secret Santa Philip for this.

This will be the last blog this year for me, so until next year, have a very merry Christmas and a Happy new year.

Sophie Screeton.

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Improved systems in place

Since taking over as Warehouse Manager at Protective Packaging some 5 years ago, we have made many changes in the warehouse.

Improved computer systems, procedures,and staff training, all contribute to ensure Protective Packaging customers get the best possible service from the warehouse.

Most of the warehouse staff have undertaken NVQs level 2 in Warehouse Distribution, and myself NVQ level 3 in Warehouse Management, and training is ongoing for members of staff.

Adrian Ward
Warehouse Manager

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Ian’s holiday horror!

It was the 4th July on a sunny Monday morning and I was about to go off to the west country for a two week cycling holiday with my son (Craig), from Land’s End to John O’Groats .

It was the moment that I had been dreading for the last three months.

I had no previous experience of long distance cycling, no training and definitely no masochistic tendencies.
None of this had mattered in the preceding weeks. I was going to find a good excuse and worm my way out of it – wasn’t I? But of course when you want an honourable minor affliction to nip problems like this firmly in the bud, they never materialise.
The week before the trip I even resorted to honesty – “I was old, lazy and incapable – this might be the last thing that I ever did”. My son and wife just ignored me.
“Oh you will be alright” came the response – “You will enjoy it”. My daughter was even worse – she stuck up for me – “He will do it – my Dad’s not a quitter”. That put paid to the dishonourable outlets that had been brewing up in the depths of my mind – I was going to have to go now.
The holiday went ahead and although there were a few good moments it was swamped by the Cornish hills and heavy down pours.
However, I needn’t have worried – relief was just around the corner. We were just outside Monmouth when Craig unexpectedly slowed down and stopped. He announced that he couldn’t go on – his knee and ankle were ‘shot’.

Ian Bridgeman

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Everything but chocolate muffins!

Protective Packaging blogAt Protective Packaging we sell many other products alongside our barrier foil packaging. Anything ranging from 100% waterproof Blue Case Lining to damage detection indicators such as ShockWatch and TiltWatch to moisture adsorbing desiccant sachets. Some can be used in conjunction with our barrier foil packaging i.e. Humidity Indicator Cards to monitor the relative humidity inside the pack, or as a standalone product such as Skidmate Pallet Cushions designed to absorb shock or vibration to prevent damage to goods.

I recently attended an excellent refresher training session which was led by Philip Butler from our Customer Support Team – here is a picture of Philip surrounded by some of our ancillary products (and no, we don’t sell chocolate muffins!)

Lisa Young
Business Development Manager

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Quality it’s a team effort

The quality of our products is always at the forefront of our minds at PPL and any way we can improve is always at the top of the to-do list not only for our quality department headed by John Budden but also all the other departments that are involved. Examples of this are as follows

New Joint Detection System
For our large machines in our automated fabrication unit we have just implemented a new joint detection system, which not only give operators a visual and audio warning but also tells them which roll the joint coming through is on. This would not have been made possible without by the hard work of the Quality Department, internal Management Group, Engineering Department headed by Kosta Loukas, our hardworking Operators and going forward our material suppliers.

New PPLQAC Data Base
The PPLQAC is our new quality data base. When I started in the quality department it was clear there was already an excellent structure already in place with regards to the day to day recording of products and quality thereof on the shop floor but with my previous experience in other high quality manufacturing industries I felt this could be improved. So John Budden set me the task of adding to / improving the current system. Working with what was already in place created by the quality department and manger Ben Lewis I designed, programmed and implemented a new department data base with the finishing touches added by our IT manager Andy Thompson we now have a robust and quickly searchable quality data base that will only improve with the final role out of tablet recording devices on the shop floor in the near future.

From the top down or the bottom up we are always working hard in improving the overall quality of products for our valued customers.

Andy Harding
Quality Auditor

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High Speed Communications for Fast, Accurate Response Times

Remember the days when documents had to be on paper and posted or couriered to the recipient? An enquiry could take days, (even weeks) to be responded to in writing. The only alternative was phone calls, which rely upon accurate notes (or memory) and leave no record of the information given, with potentially embarrassing or disastrous consequences.

Then the telex machine was invented! Remember those? It would clatter away all day in the corner of an office, typing messages as an exact replica of that typed by the sender. But it could only receive one message at a time and the typed document still had to be delivered to the internal recipient, which, if they were away on business meant that the good old telephone had to be resorted to again.

After that came the fax machine. An improvement on telex because it would deliver a replica of a document instantly, but it could still only received one message at a time which had to be hand delivered.

These days communications systems are incredible. Email messages, drawings, photographs, documents, artwork files, spreadsheets etc., can be compiled electronically and transmitted instantly to the recipient’s PC or laptop, wherever they happen to be. Without a tree having to be felled.

At Protective Packaging we fully embrace modern information technology and communications systems because we respond fast! We offer a diverse range of Climatic and Impact protection products and love a challenge, whether it is to deliver an order the morning after receipt or develop and sample a completely new product in double quick time.

Enquiries, questions, orders, sample requests etc., are processed immediately and efficiently so that we pleasantly surprise customers with our response times and the accuracy of our expert interpretation of their requirements. (We know this because they tell us so when we go to see them personally. There is still no real substitute for face to face meetings!).

I wonder what the next great advance in digital communications will be ? Rest assured, we will use it to it’s full potential if it helps us to stay ahead of our competitors.

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Improved staff facilities

As Production Manager at Protective Packaging for the last 22 years I have seen many changes, in particular the company has grown into the professional company that we are today due to the hard work and dedication of our employees.

My role is varied and as a complete change from the daily manufacturing routine, I’m currently working on the improvement of staff facilities in the canteen with a total re-vamp to include re-decoration, new flooring, furniture and TV. This will provide a welcome rest area for all our staff. The refurbishment plans are going well and we should be on target to complete before Christmas. In the new year I shall be working closely with our Chief Engineer looking at new ideas to improve levels of quality and production.

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Smooth Operator in Hand Fab

Having previously worked in the Hand Fabrication Unit and Customer Support Department here at Protective Packaging, I rejoined the company in February 2010 as Assistant Production Manager.

I am currently responsible for the smooth operation of Hand Fabrication with the intention of moving into Automated Manufacture in the near future.

In the Hand Fabrication unit we have a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm within our ranks. We have the ability and the drive to satisfy the stringent demands of our Customers, whether the order is straight forward and simple, an urgent requirement or involves a large amount of technicality in its manufacture, we deliver quality, first time, every time!

All our team members are aware of the need for continuous improvement. Therefore we encourage everyone to challenge and improve our current systems and techniques as this is paramount in keeping ahead of competitors and pace within our market.

Our role in Hand Fabrication is always interesting and we take a great deal of pride in our ability to produce high quality, cost effective climatic packaging solutions for our Customers within what can often be very short lead times.

Ben Lewis
Assistant Production Manager

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Does your packaging need a “make over”?

Protective Packaging offer barrier foil laminate materials, whether its film on the reel, for form fill seal applications, or a bespoke manufactured liner , which we produce here at our Manchester based facilities. Whatever your packaging need/requirement, Protective Packaging is the company to offer the solution!

Protective Packaging can offer printed material for your form fill applications or the manufactured bespoke liner which we are proud to say “Made in Manchester, England”. We can offer up to 10 colours Flexographic or Rotogravure to meet your design type and add extra value to your product!!

If you wish to know more please don’t hesitate to send your enquiry to

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