The Helping Hand – from Protective Packaging Ltd

For over 20 years Protective Packaging Limited has endeavoured to provide high quality products, excellent customer relationships and care – through a vibrant production team and a meticulous and developing quality department to ensure that our products are reliable, safe, competitively priced, and wholly efficient. This successful development, underpinned by an innovative IT department, has been achieved by the combined efforts of Directors, Management and staff – all working closely together.

One thing we must not forget, however, is Protective Packaging’s response to Government initiatives to help the workforce in their daily lives. The recent introduction of the Government’s Bike to Work scheme – in conjunction with the payroll department – has enabled employees, wishing to cycle to work, to be provided with a bike immediately, paid for by the company – allowing for the basic bike cost to be paid back over time – saving the VAT burden – as a salary sacrifice.

Let’s not forget the little people – The Kiddivouchers Scheme – also introduced here – allows for those working parents at Protective Packaging to save and provide for childcare on a regular basis – and to build a fund for when required. Once again a salary sacrifice – but enabled by regular payroll deductions.
Both these schemes have been extremely popular since their first adoption over two years ago.

I’m not sure if we will see Team Protective Packaging entering the Tour de France – but at least there are some happy bikers around!

Eileen Mercer

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Olympic Standards at Protective Packaging Limited

With exactly 6 months to go to the 2012 Olympics, the greatest show on earth, it brought to mind about what they are all about. The words that spring to mind would be :

Striving for excellence
Team playing
Hard work
Being prepared
Being the best at what you do

It strikes me that these disciplines can also be found in the workplace, especially here at Protective Packaging. Everyday we are prepared to provide excellence to our customers through hard work, working as a team and being the best at what we do.

So here’s to an exciting Olympics in 2012 where we look forward to seeing gold standards achieved.

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ProDriPole – The must-have accessory for any damp wardrobe!

prodripole in wardrobeBack in October 2011, a colleague of mine at Protective Packaging blogged about using our ProDriPole in her wardrobes to finally solve a long-battled damp problem. As the Marketing Assistant assigned to our moisture absorbing product, I was thrilled to receive an enquiry for the ProDriPole from a lady named Sharon, who had come across the blog when looking for a cost-effective solution to cure the damp problem in her mother’s wardrobe.

The fitted wardrobe is constructed against an external wall and, as a result of the rain in Northern Ireland (which even exceeds the amount of rain we get here in Manchester!), it was very damp. As with my colleague, Sharon wanted to avoid the expense to her mother of running an electric dehumidifier and so our ProDriPole product seemed like it could be the ideal solution.

After speaking with Sharon, and empathising with her mother for living somewhere with even more rain than “Sunny Sale”, we offered to send out a ProDriPole at our cost in return for feedback on its performance. In January 2012, we were delighted to receive the news below:

“I’m happy to report that since the ProDriPole was installed two months ago, the mould has stayed away. The windows on the pole are gradually absorbing the moisture so fingers crossed we have found a solution. Thank you for allowing us to test the pole.”

We look forward to staying in touch with Sharon and continuing to supply the ProDriPole to help keep the damp at bay in her mother’s wardrobe.

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Tear nicks – they make life easier

tear nick in foil pouchCustomers want easy access to their product once a pouch has been sealed up – At Protective Packaging our pouch machine has the facility to insert a simple tear nick in the pouch seal that allows the customer to gain easy access to the pouch contents without the need for knives and scissors. The integrity and functionality of the pouch is not affected.

The tear nick is inserted in line, in the pouch seal during manufacture and is present in both edge seals so meaning whichever edge the customer picks up there will be a tear nick present to allow easy opening.

Protective Packaging are constantly looking to invest and improve manufacturing methods with the result that new equipment has been purchased to optimise the addition of tear nicks to pouches. Our engineer Kosta Loukas is currently working on the new equipment for fitment to the machine. The benefits will be a more user friendly piece of equipment that can be very accurately set and provide a more powerful action thus improving the efficiency and quality of the tear nick application.

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Foil 25kg sacks for ultimate water vapour and oxygen barrier

At Protective Packaging we manufacture the majority of our 3D & 2D barrier foils bags to order, taking into consideration our customers specific requirements on quantity, size and style. However there is a demand for a standard 25kg barrier foil gusseted sack and we hold this item in stock so that we can despatch orders immediately if a customer has an urgent requirement.

The gusseted foil sacks comprise of PET / ALU / OPA / PE, which provides the ultimate water vapour and oxygen barrier. It also prevents odour transfer, ingress of ultra violet light, mould, fungi growth and colour deterioration. The inclusion of a layer of polyamide, (OPA) in the laminate gives the liners superior puncture resistance. These liners are suitable for a wide range of applications, which include food ingredients, polymers, resins and animal feeds.

The 25 kg sacks can be supplied fitted with or without a one way degassing valve. The purpose of the one way valve is so that when product is filled then stacked on to a pallet any air or gases trapped in the bag can escape. Also, if the product that is packed liberates any gases, the gas can escape from the bag without any air entering the bag thus avoiding the bag blowing up.

We supply the 25kg sacks in box quantities of 100 and pallet quantities of 2000 pieces, and samples of the sack are available on request.

You can contact our Customer Support team for more information on this product or any item within our product range.

Caroline Davies
Customer Support Manager

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Blue Case Lining Protects Carpets!

My teenage son loved having parties at our house and after one of his friends dropped a bottle of red Bacardi Breezer on my beige carpet, I decided that enough was enough! Rather than put a stop to the parties, I bought a roll of blue case lining from Protective Packaging Limited. When I was going on holiday, and therefore knew that several parties would be held in my absence, I covered all my downstairs carpets with case lining, securing it around the edges with masking tape. I’ll admit this was a lot of effort, but it was worth it in the end to save my carpet from more stains.

However, the roll I bought was 200 metres in length, and I probably only used about 5 metres. I therefore have quite a large roll of blue case lining in my garage if anyone needs any for a party at their house (YOU MUST BE JOKING I hear you shout!). For a small fee, or an invitation to the party, you are welcome to have some of it.

My son has now moved out and peace is restored, for a while at least until he returns from University!

Julie Screeton

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What is a blog?

Protective Packaging Limited employees have to submit a blog on a regular basis so I thought I’d write a few notes explaining why and what a blog is, as not everybody has an idea on why we submit them and post on our website and quite understand how much it can influence a company’s profile.

Blogs have been around for about 10 years. The word stands for ’web log’ and they’re effectively online diaries. Anyone can set one up, that’s the easy part. Thinking of something interesting to say each time you blog is the tricky bit

Once the blog has been set up you can simply publish information, upload your pictures and videos, whatever you want to do. You’ll get the option of allowing people to comment or not (whichever is your preference). When the blog is created all you have to do is write your entry, hit “publish” and it’s live. It’s really as simple as that.
A well written company blog allows you to give a personality and voice to your business and brand. It’s a way to communicate with consumers in a more informal setting and encourage consumer feedback and conversation.

Blogs are a great place to quickly post company news and updates. A structured press/marketing release can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to get distributed and picked up by consumers. With the use of RSS and pinging, blogs allow you to announces the news immediately.

Over time, your blog could be deemed as a credible source of information for anyone looking for information about your industry and is a good way to establish connections with other members of your industry and prospective customers.

In a recent survey 1 out of 2 companies will use a blog as a marketing tool by the end of 2012. Will your company be one of them?

Mike Stead
Customer Support

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Age – it’s all in the mind!

Following on from my original blog regarding the staff ages at PPL, I wanted to explain a bit more about our team.

I did say that we don’t class our employees as being old or young just very important to our business.

Current staff include 1 person in their teens, 13 over 20, 21 over 30, 12 over 40, 11 over 50 and 6 over 60.

Julie replied to my original blog that Ian might not have been happy with me telling the world he was 69 so this time I’ve not put any names with the ages.

Philip Butler
Customer Support

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Another new year, where did 2011 go? Is it a sign of getting old when the year whizzes by in a flash? It’s good to get back to some kind of normality, a relief from overeating, drinking and sleeping in too late every day.

The New Year at Protective Packaging starts with revived enthusiasm for a busy year ahead. Within the Marketing Department we’re already focussing on forthcoming exhibitions for 2012. We’ve recently booked our place at FachPack in Nuremburg, Germany. FachPack is one of Germany’s largest packaging exhibitions and takes place at the exhibition centre in Nuremberg from September 25 – 27th 2012. The following month we will be Emballage which takes place at Villepinte in Paris from November 19th – 22nd. Both of these exhibitions allow us the opportunity to demonstrate our products and manufacturing capabilities, and a chance to meet up with our customers, distributors and suppliers.

Please make a diary note to come along and visit us at one of these venues, we’re giving you plenty of notice to make your travel and hotel arrangements.

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