Boeing 717 protected in barrier foil

We once protected a Boeing 717 aircraft in barrier foil using PP007, it took three days and used over 100m M² of material to complete the job. The aircraft which was in three parts, was shipped overseas from Italy to Long Beach, California on the top side of a container ship open to all the elements. It’s still flying today thanks to being successfully packaged and protected by Protective Packaging Limited.

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Canteen refurbishment – worth a visit

Just a quick update on my last blog, the Protective Packaging canteen refurbishment is now complete. Freshly painted and decorated with new flooring throughout, it has two “state of the art” 32” inch TV’s. The addition of a Protective Packaging vending machine which sells cans of pop /crisp/cookies/chocolate bars and even pot noodles at very reasonable prices adds to the improved facilities. Please feel free to come down and take a look round.
John Brook
Production Manager.

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Specialised Peel-able Barrier Foil Laminates

Protective Packaging can offer specialised barrier foil laminates, which peel either to themselves or to another material such as Polypropylene pots/trays.

Peel-able barrier foil laminates can be purchased from Protective Packaging on a roll or as a pouch.

The peel-ability feature makes it easy for the end user to get to the actual product making it faster and also safer, while still protecting, preserving and containing the product.

Does your product require a Barrier foil laminate peel-able pouch or film on the reel?

Contact us here at Protective Packaging Ltd for more information

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Need to record temperature during transportation?

temperature indicatorsProtective Packaging Limited supply WarmMark and ColdMark temperature indicators. Our ColdMark product indicates when a shipment has been exposed to temperatures below a pre-set level by changing colour from clear to violet. You will know if products have been exposed to temperatures that could compromise safety or characteristics during transit and storage such as consumables.

WarmMark product indicates when products have been exposed to temperature levels above a pre-set threshold by releasing a highly visible red dye which leaves a permanent indication of the duration of exposure.

Some of the benefits of these products:

• Reduces product damage and loss incurred during transportation and storage
• Provides psychological reinforcement to ensure handlers adhere to optimal temperature conditions
• Provides indisputable evidence of exposure to unacceptable temperature conditions
• Alleviates safety concerns surrounding bacterial growth, infection and contamination during transit
• Ensures compliance with health standards
• Ensures quality of the products throughout the transportation cycle
• Identifies potential unacceptable product quality before delivery to end-user
• Alerts recipient to inspect contents before acceptance
• Ensures chain of accountability in storage and transportation
• Protects against / reduces warranty claims
• Identifies trouble spots in storage and transportation
• Increases customer satisfaction and provides a visible marketing edge

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Any parcels to ship?

tiltwatch indicatorsAnother day another blog. Hope all the barrier foil products family are having a nice day. Any parcels to ship? Don’t forget our range of impact protection products…… shockwatch / tiltwatch / skidmates and Xpander packs.

Safe shipping.

John Molyneux

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“Molly’s blog”

I have worked at Protective Packaging for over 13 years, in that time I have worked on many different barrier foil projects. I have probably seen a mountain of desiccant go through the business and fortunately for our shockwatch product, not had too many shocks on the way. The people that I have worked with (most stay once they get our ethos) are, in essence, the business. My favourite has to be that quiet timid “lady” in accounts, known as our Eileen, she’s a Dexys Midnight Runners classic.

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“Hold Fast That Which is Good”

The coat of arms of Trafford Borough Council bears this as its motto – a sentiment which can inspire at many levels. Here at Protective Packaging Ltd., based in Trafford , we are living and working proof that good things are ours to cherish and promote.

The development and production of high quality, climatic, packaging has always been our strength – the introduction and nurturing of improved production methods has been our lifeline – and the training and competence of our dedicated staff has been our safeguard. Our watchword has always been “Quality Control” – and our market awareness has kept us in the forefront in the competitive challenge – not only in the UK., but overseas as well.

Let us think of tomorrow – our products – barrier foil, zipper pouches, container liners, desiccant, humidity indicators, shock indicators, drum liners, prodripoles – all have these same features in common – they are useful, reliable, practical and sensibly priced – all qualities which we are proud to foster. Our delivery policy leaves nothing to chance – we can track every order until it has been safely received.

Above all, we, at Protective Packaging know that our customers appreciate high quality, value for money and excellent customer care. Yes, at Protective Packaging, we realise that to keep something safe – you need to look after it. We are indeed holding fast, that which is good – (as St. Paul first wrote to the Thessalonians) – our reputation, our valued customers and our future.

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Self Evacuating Foil Sacks

25kg sacksDesigned to contain up to 25 kilos of powdered, granulated or pelleted moisture/oxygen sensitive product, our vented foil sacks are often the ‘ unsung heroes ‘ of high barrier flexible packaging.

Constructed in a highly tear and puncture resistant four layer aluminium foil laminate, in a side gusseted format, they are sized to fit perfectly on euro pallets and feature a low-slip external polyester layer to aid stacking, making them perfect for suppliers to end users who cannot accept larger foil lined octabins or bulk bags.

Vented foil sacks enhance the shelf life of many products, from moisture sensitive pelleted plastics and powdered chemicals and masterbatches, to nuts, powdered or granulated foodstuffs and flavourings.

The really clever feature is the sack’s one way degassing valve. This allows air to flow out of the filled and heat sealed pack when the internal pressure is greater than that outside. This means that when the sacks are stacked, or when atmospheric pressure drops slightly, the valve releases air from inside the sack, causing it to contract as it evacuates.
Over a short period of time the sack will reach the point where the inside air content is minimal, leaving the product inside effectively vacuum packed.

The vented foil sack is a cost effective means of vacuum packing non-bulk supplies of moisture or oxygen sensitive products, without the need for expensive vacuum-sealing equipment.
They are available from stock in any quantity, from full pallets of 2,000 to as few as you may require.

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Corrosion – how can it be prevented?

foil bag

Machinery manufacturers, when exporting their products are very often faced with the problem of corrosion caused by humidity, moisture, oxygen and other contaminants. There is a packaging solution available which will totally eliminate these problems.

Barrier Foil Bags will provide corrosion prevention for machinery and metal goods, during long periods of storage or transit. Tailor made by Protective Packaging to suit individual requirements, these foil bags which have an inner layer of aluminium, will provide a total climatic packaging solution.

Corrosion can be eliminated quite simply by switching to a hermetically sealed aluminium barrier foil bag with a small calculated amount of desiccant. Corrosion problems will be a thing of the past and goods will arrive at their destination in the same condition as when they left.

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Flexible Employers

Since joining Protective Packaging I have had many opportunities to develop my role within Customer Support, such as training to do an NVQ Level 2 in Customer Service and other training courses including Telephone Call Handling. These courses have all been offered to me whilst only working three days a week due to having two children.

Protective Packaging Limited are a great company to work for when it comes to understanding their employee’s needs, since having my first child I was offered the opportunity to change my hours to suit, and help to find the perfect split between work and looking after my family.

Laura Potts
Customer Support

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