Unbeatable Service on Climatic Protection Packaging

There is just no substitute for service these days and being competitively priced isn’t always enough.
Anybody can find just about anything they need via the internet and if it’s climatic protective packaging bags, pouches or liners they want, they usually want them in a hurry.
This is where Protective Packaging Ltd have a huge advantage over our competitors. We stock a wide range of generic laminates ready for in-house conversion to the required product in very short order with lead times as short as one day.
All our converted laminate products are manufactured bespoke to your application and any quantity is possible, from hand made one off three dimensional bags to large volumes of flat pouches, round bottomed drum liners or spouted octabin and tote bag liners.
All of our barrier foil products are manufactured under the auspices of ISO 9001:2008, so fast turn around times of consistently high quality items is assured.
Give us a try and we’ll be happy to prove it !

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Do you require a 2 Part Pouch?

2 part foil pouchProtective Packaging’s laminated barrier foil pouch with two separated compartments offers a packaging solution for incompatible products.

The compartments maintain the individual integrity of the two essential elements during packing, gamma-ray sterilisation and any other required process, delivery and storage. At point of use, the vulnerable, frangible seal is ruptured and the two counterparts of the final product are mixed together. The complete product can then be dispensed directly from the pack as a pre-dosed amount.

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Alaaaarm Test!

Here at Protective Packaging we take health and safety very seriously. Mr John Budden will vouch for that I am sure, as he is the health and safety officer. Every Friday Mr Budden travels round to all the different departments and does his very famous Alaaaarm test voice to let us all know it is time to check the alarms. We also have a yearly ‘proper’ alarm test, where the alarms are randomly set off and we all have to exit via the fire exit doors and go to the fire assembly point which is based in our car park. A register is then taken to make sure we are all there and everything is A ok.

Another safety issue we put in place a couple of years ago was the ‘yellow brick road’ basically we are not allowed to cross the yard without a yellow vest, and so a yellow path has been put into place for us to walk safely around the yard without coming into contact with any truck drivers which may be loading/unloads goods at the time.

We consider ourselves to be protected with health and safety here at Protective Packaging, and for that we thank Mr John Budden for putting the appropriate changes into place.

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Samples – not a problem!

foil linerWhether it’s an aluminium barrier foil flat bag, an aluminium barrier foil box bag, Shockwatch or even cushioning, why not ask for a sample to trial before placing an order. On the majority of occasions depending on your requirement Protective Packaging Ltd are able to offer samples of our product range.

So before placing an order and hoping that you have chosen the correct product for your requirements or taking a chance and hoping you have calculated the correct sizes for your packaging, why not ask us for a sample.

Should you have any unusual requirements or you are unsure about which of our products would suit your needs best, why not ask for a visit from one of our expert packaging consultants who can advise on the best, most cost effective and efficient products to suit your requirement.

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Watch your Ps and Qs!”

Where does this saying originate? – in the lively pubs of long ago when feelings were running high and fists were ready for action – the landlord would shout the warning to watch the pints and quarts before the tables were upended? – Or in the printing trade when the apprentice compositor was warned to watch his Ps and Qs and make sure his spelling was in good order? – Or in the nursery to ensure the child behaved?
Whatever the source Protective Packaging has certainly learnt how to behave properly not only in the production line but also in the global marketplace.
Protective Packaging provides climatic packaging products for practically every purpose – whether for goods in transit or perhaps in storage from potential harm.
We are perfectly in tune with the 7ps of the Marketing mix – and we ensure that our Prices are competitive, our Products are practical, safe and reliable and our goods are available in the right Place at the right time and in the right quantity. Our delivery performance – is paramount when considering our customers’ requirements – and we Promote our goods and customer service via personal communication, email, and prestigious exhibitions.
We must not forget the essential – People – customer satisfaction is a priority – and a positive impression is our goal. Our Customer Support team is on hand to provide the vital ingredient – the personal touch. This is where we have taken steps to perfect our Process of providing a service which is both helpful and informative. And finally – there is the Physical evidence – our Quality Products are presented and delivered on time – to our customers’ satisfaction.
Repeat orders? We try and eliminate Queues – by keeping our Purchasing Department and Production Line fully informed and in perfect harmony.
Of course – Quality is our prime concern – and our attention is always focused on those permanent high standards which we aim to promote.
What about Praise?
Protective Packaging has found a way to reward the person whose positive approach, performance and pride of achievement has been an example to all. The “Employee of the Quarter” award is presented every three months for this Special Person. The prize is £50 – and would be particularly acceptable to a poor person going to the next Pub Quiz so they could order pies, peas and a pina colada.
P.S. Don’t forget we are always progressing – check out our latest product – the ProDriPole – it quenches its thirst while keeping your precious possessions perfectly dry. Put one in your wardrobe – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Eileen Mercer

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What do you want to protect?

Foil packaging for aerospace industryProtective Packaging were asked by an Italian customer to assist in packing some equipment here in the UK that was being shipped to Italy.

As it was oversized it would not fit into a standard shipping container or road trailer so had to be shipped on a low loader.

We supplied and fitted the Barrier Foil Bag and we used our ProDriPole Desiccant inside to protect the equipment from any moisture ingress during transit.

It was then covered in Heat Shrink Polythene by one of our Export Packing customers before being secured to the trailer.

It went on a roll on roll off ferry from Southampton to Italy along with some other equipment which was packed in a standard shipping container.

We had a report back some weeks later that the equipment had arrived in excellent condition and was being commissioned straight away.

Can you guess what is was?

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CushioningAt Protective Packaging we supply self adhesive cushioning which is a closed cell polyethylene foam generally used to prevent damage to the foil bag from the goods inside rubbing against the bag. The foam is usually used to cover up any sharp or rough edges on the product or used on the inside of timber packing cases to protect the outside of the foil bag. When used inside the foil bag, it does not affect the amount of desiccant required because of its closed cell structure and therefore does not class as dunnage.

Protective Packaging stock two standard widths of cushioning: 5cm and 10cm, both are 6mm thick. Non-standard widths are available on request. A ‘bundle’ of 10 rolls at 10m long each is purchased at a time.

The foam is very easy to use and does not require stapling or gluing – just peel off the back of the foam and get sticking!

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Happy Easter From Protective Packaging

Do you know that one of Protective Packaging’s barrier foil suppliers produces enough printed metallised Easter Egg foil to wrap around the World twice?

We at Protective Packaging would like to wish everyone a very Happy Easter and an enjoyable bank holiday weekend!

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The Gift of Tongues!

Did you know how many languages the staff of Protective Packaging Ltd have mastered so that they can advise, inform and assist with all enquiries, quotes and orders from clients and potential customers from overseas?

Our new Commercial Manager not only can speak English but is also conversant in French, Italian and Arabic! Our presence abroad is also strengthened by our trilingual representatives, who operate in France and Spain. Back home, they are ably supported by our Customer Support Foreign Specialist who is also confident to communicate in any of three languages.

There are no language barriers either when it comes to ordering products from abroad; our website is now featured in French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

So whether it’s English, Irish, Welsh, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, or Swedish, we can help you pronto!

Here are some tips on what to ask for! If you want:
Heat Sealing Equipment in Hamburg – heißsiegelausrüstung
Foil Pouch in Paris – sachet en complèxe aluminium
Barrier Foil in Barcelona – papel metalizado de protección
Foil Bag in Florence – sacchetto in lamina metallica

Don’t worry if all these sound Greek to you; our Chief Engineer, born in Corfu, can provide simultaneous translation of that as well!

Whatever you want, we are here to help; there are no frontiers when it comes to our quality products, made just for you; reliable, safe and competitively priced.

Communication is the key, Protective Packaging can turn it. Simples!

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