If you need climatic packaging in a hurry………

At Protective Packaging Ltd we strive to achieve the highest possible standards in relation to every aspect of our work, from how we process your order through to the finished product being despatched from our Cheshire based facilities.
High quality, speed of service and very short lead times are our specialities.
If you are in need of climatic packaging solutions, however large or small, contact us at Protective Packaging on 0161 976 2006, where our experienced Customer Support team will be on hand to help, advise and ensure you receive what you want, when you want it.

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All the P’s from Pauline’s Pen

We at Protective Packaging can protect and preserve your package, parcel, pouch
or pallet from perils from port to port or by plane with paperwork. Plus we are proud to
present our popular ProDriPoles which promise positive proactive performance against
the pernicious effects of moisture.
Per Pauline’s Pen

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Straight To The Point

Here at Protective Packaging we strive to achieve the highest standards, at all times. With a dedicated team and unparalleled level of experience within all departments, we achieve this, at all times.

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Two New Team Members

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome two new members to the Protective Packaging Customer Support team, Jamie and Karis.

Jamie has been part of our team for only six weeks and it already feels like he has been here for years!

Karis has moved into our team from the Purchasing department and has taken to her new job role like a duck to water.

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Be Seen, Be Safe

At Protective Packaging we take safety very seriously. Through risk assessment we have identified areas within the business where hi visibility clothing must be worn.

All staff operating in our warehouse and yards wear hi visibility vests to ensure they are clearly visible to fork lift truck traffic as well as commercial traffic delivering and collecting goods to and from Units within the yard.

Any staff not wearing hi visibility vests must walk around the yard perimeter via a designated route to ensure they do not come into contact with vehicles.

The motto is Be Seen, Be Safe.

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Nuts about Peanuts

Good Morning to all the packaging fraternity out there! Do you know that Protective Packaging make a ONE TON liner for peanuts, that’s one big party bag!!! Using Protective Packaging’s barrier foil liners protects the product from moisture and odour ingress, ensuring that you receive the product in perfect condition. We can supply you any tailor made liner to suit and deliver the same within 24 hours. Browse our product range for more information.

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Monitored humidity levels

foil bag for machinery Our customers at Protective Packaging often contact us when they have a need to monitor the humidity levels within a sealed bag. This is often a requirement when goods are being shipped or stored for long periods of time.

In situations like this we would offer a Humidity Indicator, which we would integrate into the barrier foil bag. The way that a Humidity Indicator works is that it provides a humidity monitor of the bag contents, a measure of the effectiveness of the aluminium barrier foil bag and desiccant which are used to protect the products from moisture ingress.

We use two styles of humidity indicators, a humidity card that we place behind a clear panel and a more sophisticated version, a screw in indicator. The way that the indicators work is that a blue colouration to the card indicates that the relative humidity is below the critical level and that therefore corrosion has not taken place.

The key benefits of using a humidity indicator is that it is a cost effective why of monitoring products during long term storage. It eliminates product damage and monitors the condition of the goods during storage and transit.

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What’s in a word?

P is for Protection
R is for Reliable
O is for Overall satisfaction
T is for Teamwork
E is for Efficiency
C is for Compliance & quality
T is for Training
I is for Innovative
V is for Vast product range
E is for Excellence

P is for Product development
A is for Alufoil Trophy winner (6 times)
C is for Customer service
K is for Keeping standards high
A is for Availability
G is for Global market place
I is for Immediate despatch
N is for Next day delivery
G is for Getting the job done

Put it all together and what have you got? Protective Packaging

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If I only had a heart

Protective Packaging blogWant a cheap way to dress your kids in fancy dress, make your own Wizard of Oz Tin man outfit using Protective Packaging’s Metallised Barrier Foil.

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Machinery Export – What makes Barrier Foil Packaging Cost Effective?

barrier foil v polytheneMany people are under the assumption that barrier foil packaging will work out more expensive compared with their current method. In comparison to traditional polythene packaging this is true with regard to the cost of the actual bag or liner,however, it’s vital to compare all the other associated items which make Barrier Foil the best and cheapest option.
The major issue is the amount of desiccant required within a barrier foil bag. Calculated to British Standard 1133 Section 19 the superior moisture vapour barrier properties of the barrier foil allows the total amount of desiccant to be reduced dramatically. Less desiccant can also mean reduced freight costs.
Another saving is the elimination of any preservation methods which are time consuming in both the application before packing and removal when delivered.
Finally, and most importantly, the machine arrives at it’s destination in perfect condition with no sign of corrosion, a cost saving which needs no explanation.

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