Kwikstick is a butyl sealant and is used to ‘seal’ up bags for applications where it is impossible to use a heat sealer due to regulations or because there is no electricity supply available.
Kwikstick sticks directly to the barrier foil bag and when the seal is ready to be made, the backing strip is peeled off. It can be used on bolt holes, across or all around the bag to act as a seal.
Key features of Kwikstick are as follows:
• Good adhesion
• UV resistance
• Easy and accurate to use with little waste
• Remains flexible
• The soft composition makes it highly conformable
To attach Kwickstick to a barrier foil bag, the surface should be clean, dry and free from dust, grease and loose materials. Apply direct from the reel onto one surface and press sufficiently along it’s whole length to achieve a good initial adhesion. Remove backing paper and offer other surface to the sealant and push firmly to seal across the joint.
Kwikstik is supplied as a preformed strip on a siliconised release paper.

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Protective Packaging’s Award Winning Achievements

In this Olympic year, it is good to recognise award winning achievements. Take Protective Packaging’s many awards from the European Aluminium Foil Association for their innovative, and even life preserving, products. Since 2005, we have been the proud winners of the Alufoil Trophy 6 times:

ProtectAtainer (Aluminium ISO Container Liners)

Field Liners (Sleeves for telegraph poles)

Float Glass Wraps

AGMA Healthcare Sterile Zyceine Wipes (Twin compartment pouch with frangible seal)

ZERO 360 Fire Suppression Systems (Inner bladders for fire extinguishers)

SurvivaStill (Multi-use device for generating drinkable water from contaminated sources)

Protective Packaging Ltd. continues to grow because of our innovative and ‘can do’ attitude when servicing the needs of our customers. Contact us today so we can help solve your corrosion or dried product issues, and ensure your goods remain in tip-top condition.

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Shockwatch Indicators shipped with care

Here at Protective Packaging we take our Packaging very seriously!
For example, our SHOCKWATCH indicators, are very sensitive and can be damaged in transit and every effort is made to ensure our Shockwatch reach the customer in A1 condition.
In our warehouse each and every one is inspected for activation, then the box is suspended in an outer box by foam blocks, banded to a pallet and labelled up with fragile and advisory stickers.
Shipped by a careful carrier to reach the customer as they should…

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The ABC of Protective Packaging Limited

A Aluminium foil
B Bespoke Packaging
C Cushioning
D Drop ‘n’ Tell Indicators
E Excellent service
F FIBC liners
G Guaranteed delivery
H Heat sealers
I Impact Indicators
J Jumbo bags
K Kwikstick
L Laminate foil
M Made to measure
N Next Day delivery
O Octabin liners
P Pouches
Q Quality products
R Rolls of foil
S Skidmates
T Tip ‘n’ Tell Indicators
U UV129 bubble foil
V Valves
W Water resistant barrier
X Xpander packs
Y Yellow Shockwatch
Z Zipper pouches

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Samples, no problem

Are you working on a new project for a moisture/oxygen/UV light sensitive product and want to initiate stability trials ?
Protective Packaging Ltd have the ability to hand fabricate replica samples of their range of converted barrier foil pouches, bags and liners in very short lead times.
Please get in touch with your sales contact or our Customer Support team and they will be happy to discuss your project in detail and advise on suitable materials
and converted product formats before we manufacture your samples.

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Protect. Preserve. Contain.

Protective Packaging manufacture barrier foil laminate liners and barrier foil laminates on the reel to PROTECT, PRESERVE AND CONTAIN your product needs and requirements.

Barrier foil laminate liners, that are manufactured at Protective Packaging, protect against moisture, oxygen ingress, aggressive gasses, odour transfer and temperature extremes, which helps preserve the product and keep it contained with its hermetic seal capability.

Humidity indicators and desiccants can be added to the barrier foil liner to help maintain the correct humidity levels within the barrier foil liner so the product is PROTECTED, PRESERVED AND CONTAINED.

Call or email Protective Packaging today with your PROTECTION, PRESERVATION AND CONTAINMENT Packaging needs and requirements. Tel – 0161 976 2006 Email –


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Just in case………

case lining material100% Waterproof Case Lining

Protective Packaging’s case lining is perfect for keeping the contents of an export crate perfectly dry, especially if the goods are being shipped across the other side of the world there is a risk they may come into contact with rain or sea water.

Our case lining is made from cross woven polyester and is designed to line the lid of the case whilst leaving a flap all the way around which means that any rain water will run straight off the sides. Due to its strength, it is tear resistant and also offers UV properties to give you the extra peace of mind that your products will arrive in tip top condition especially if used with our array of other climatic protection products such as barrier foil, desiccant and humidity indicators. Please have a look at our website for a full range of our products:

A versatile material, we have even supplied it to catering companies to protect their flooring during events!

Case lining is available in both 6ft and 12ft roll widths and is available at short notice.

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