How much do we supply?

barrier foil rollsAt Protective Packaging Ltd we supply our Barrier Foil products all over the world to protect hundreds, if not thousands of different products from moisture ingress.

One of our customers purchases printed rolls of Barrier Foil which are 1500 mm wide and 1400 mtrs long and since the last Olympic Games in Beijing we have shipped 480 rolls to them. This equates to 1008000 square metres and with this amount of material we could cover 10080 full size Olympic Judo mats or 672000 linear metres, this equates to 6720 – 100 metre sprints.

During the 2012 games it would take Usain Bolt over 18 hours to run this distance if he could keep up his Olympic record 9.683 time for the 100 metres or Paula Radcliffe (if she were at fully fit) over 36 hours to run this distance which is approximately 16 marathons.

This is just one of our many customers who purchase barrier foil roll material from us. We aslo manufacture Barrier Foil in Sheets, Flat Bags, 3 dimensional Bags, Tubes, Discs, Drum Liners, Octabin Liners, and FIBC Liners to protect any product whatever the shape or size.

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Robots from scrap!

Protective Packaging blogProtective Packaging blogAs we don’t recycle our foil, last week we made good use of our scrap material by giving a few bits to a friend of one of our colleagues here at Protective Packaging to make Robots at a school holiday club!
As you can see, our material was fully utilized and produced some funny looking robots!
So if you have kids and the summer holidays are a nightmare for you to think of things to do with them, I would recommend you get some foil and start cutting and sticking to see what funny robots you can create! I’m 22, with no kids and I still want to make a Protective Packaging Robot, it’s the new ‘in thing’ to do on a rainy day because, lets face it we’ve had plenty of those recently!

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3rd Wilnecote Scout Group – ProDriPole Update

Back in November 2011, we blogged about 3rd Wilnecote Scout Group and their initial reaction to our container desiccant, ProDriPole. At that point the poles had been in place for 3 months and the Group Scout Leader let us know that they were working well in protecting their canvas tents and equipment during storage. However, the true test of winter was yet to come!

Last month, we heard from the Scouts again. With camping season back in swing (in spite of our typical British summer!) the canvas tents and equipment were out of storage and in use. The Group Scout Leader told us:

“We had a fantastic weekend on our annual summer camp. This gave us the ideal opportunity to inspect our equipment and our canvas tents. I’m pleased to say they are in very good condition and show no signs of dampness from being inside our container at all and this is thanks to the ProDriPoles working so well. I fear that if we hadn’t discovered your product they would of most certainly been in a more sorrowful state.

We are all totally amazed at how well they have lasted and performed over the last 10 months and have recommended them to many other groups that store their belongings in containers as ProDriPole is the ideal solution.”

Protective Packaging is delighted that the desiccant pole has worked so well for the Scouts and was happy to supply the Group with another 8 poles for autumn and winter 2012. We look forward to working with 3rd Wilnecote Scout Group again in the future.

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Total Protection

When you get your aluminium foil bags or rolls and you are told that your purchase will protect the contents of your package from the potentially destructive action of moisture, oxygen, vapours and odours, you will be happy and consider that it has been a job well done. You will be correct. The foil, or to be more precise, a thin layer of aluminium foil inside a plastic sandwich, will allow less than 0.03 grams of moisture per m2 to pass across it in 24 hrs. Of course, this protection can be extended considerably by adding desiccant (silica gel, activated clays, etc).

HOWEVER, what if you do not want moisture, gas, etc. getting to your product at all – even at very low levels?
Well, this is possible.

The rate of moisture transmission across thin layers of aluminium foil is governed by the number of small pin holes which will allow transmission of minute levels of moisture, etc. This number is controlled by the technological know-how involving the manufacture / rolling of thin metallic layers.
Thin foil, 7 microns (0.007 mm) contains many very small holes but it is relatively inexpensive and has good barrier properties. Thicker foils, upwards of 25 microns (0.025 mm), get around this problem. Granted, the foil is a little more expensive but it has the ultimate of barrier properties.
At this thickness, no gases, no vapours, no odours, are allowed through it.
It does not have any holes at all.

If this thought is appealing, phone Protective Packaging on 0161 976 2006.

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Protective Packaging for high end barrier foil protection!

We have recently had the British Grand Prix here in the UK and our typical British weather took a turn for the worst on the practice day, and qualifying day.

It was good to know that at least 2 of the teams on the grid use our products to protect parts from the worst the British weather can throw at them!

So whatever your requirements our hardworking staff, top quality performance barrier foils and speedy delivery just like the race teams themselves are here to offer you Championship service for your business!

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PPL Sponsored Team Goes From Strength to Strength

Protective Packaging sponsor local teamFollowing on from another successful season with Sale Communities JFC the now Under 9’s have moved into the Timperley & District league and will form 2 teams, Eagles & Falcons.

As the Under 9’s are growing and have got a new sponsor; the kits sponsored by Protective Packaging are now being used by the under 7’s into 2012/13, managed by Lee Williams.

The club have 21 registered players in the under 9 age group and in general is growing in numbers as we now have over 130 kids registered between ages 4-17. We also have 5 board members and 12 coaches, with 4 official club volunteers.

Sale Communities JFC are now the biggest youth community group in Trafford! As the club grows they are now starting with their own merchandise; available now are scarves for £6.50 and coming next week are hats and boot bags.

If you are interested in anymore information the website is

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Event Caterers Have It Covered

case lining material

Protective Packaging Case Lining Material which is normally used to protect export packing cases from rainwater ingress, has now become the “must have” product for event management and catering companies.

The material, which is cross woven, tear resistant and waterproof provides a disposable floor covering during food preparation and decoration of the venue. Once the preparation and temporary kitchens are complete the material is disposed of and the flooring in left in its original condition ready for the big event.

A cost effective and efficient method to prevent damage to expensive flooring.

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Health & Safety matters

Here at Protective Packaging we take health and safety very seriously. We have taken time to research the market and identified new toe capped boots which are extremely comfortable and incorporate anti-skid rubber soles. We’ve also invested in anti-fatigue matting to ease pressure while working on our aluminium barrier foil automated machines.

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Motivation to do a great job

Employees at Protective Packaging are rewarded in many ways for doing a great job and working to the best of their abilities. One of the schemes that we have in place is “the employee of the quarter”. The aim of the employee of the quarter scheme is to recognise and reward the hard work and dedication of staff from all areas of the company. This is an opportunity for colleagues to nominate another staff member for their contributions to their team.

The employee of the quarter receives a monetary gift and appears in the Protective Packaging news letter.

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We have strong seals!

Protective Packaging blogThis is how one of our customers trialed our PP016 liners which they received yesterday!

They have confirmed that we have strong seals!!!!!

We can’t believe they did this but the buyer has promised they did!!!

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