Pass with flying colours

Towards the end of last year I began attending a NEBOSH National General Certificate course at SETA in Stockport. Here at Protective Packaging Ltd we take Health & Safety extremely seriously and I wanted to pass this course so that I could contribute to the well established Health & Safety culture that has been developed here.

After many weeks of horrendous cramp from writing copious amounts of notes, the big day arrived. Exam Day !! All candidates exhibited a great degree of anxiety and apprehension on the morning of the exam, aided no doubt, by a severe lack of order generic ambien online for sleep and a huge excess of caffeine, myself being no exception to this. The exam was challenging as expected and there was a great deal of pen chewing and exasperated sighing throughout.

After a painful wait of nearly eight weeks my results arrived in a soggy envelope on a wet day at the end of June 2012 (British Summer is great, eh??). I am pleased and somewhat relieved to say that I achieved a pass with credit!! I am now looking forward to applying my newly acquired knowledge within Protective Packaging Ltd.

Ben Lewis

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Sealer service and repairs

heat sealerHere at Protective Packaging we not only provide our customers with foil bags and liners, we also provide a large selection of heat sealing equipment for both constant heat or impulse.
We can also provide service and repair for your existing packaging equipment at your own premises or in our newly expanded and refitted engineering work shop.
So if you require any sealing / packaging equipment or a service and repair on your existing equipment, why not give us a call on +44 (0)161 9762006

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“Good Timin”

From the song…”Who in the world would ever know what Columbus could do/
If Queen Isabella hadn’t hocked her jewels in 1492 – but she had timin’”
Thinking about one of the greatest explorers of all time, it is a pity that Protective Packaging Ltd was not around then. Why? – because the mortal remains of Christopher – held aloft in a coffin supported by four marble courtiers in Seville Cathedral – now weighs only six ounces.
With all the international disputes and family arguments about where his remains and coffin should finally rest – it is thought he travelled more after he had died that when he was alive!
So – if you have any treasures to preserve or transport, or any memorabilia to cherish, or family records to keep safe, contact Protective Packaging – now – and our experts in Customer Support will advise and recommend the most suitable of our products , whether foilbag, foil pouch, bubble wrap, case lining or cushioning – not forgetting the right amounts of desiccant or activated clay – to keep those special memories intact.
Timing is important – look after something precious today – you can store up treasures for tomorrow!

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Emballage preparations well underway

Protective Packaging are looking forward to exhibiting at Emballage 2012 which takes place on November 19 – 22 at Villepinte in Paris.

This biennial event is one of the major international packaging exhibitions and attracts visitors from all over the world. It’s a great opportunity for Protective Packaging to welcome all our existing overseas customers, in particular our French clientele as well as introducing our products to new prospective customers.

Although we booked our stand 6P 090 many months ago the exhibition quickly comes around and our preparations are well underway with the stand design, graphics, electrics, lighting, sample exhibits, transport of the exhibits, flights, hotels, etc. etc. everything to guarantee a successful show and display our products to their full potential. The only thing left to sort out is a pair of comfy shoes!!

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Fire Warden Training

At Protective Packaging Limited we take our Fire Precautions very seriously and recently the company has invested in a training package for our Fire Wardens. This involves a 2 hour course covering areas such as evacuation, human behaviour, fire extinguisher selection and use and other key areas involved in successfully undertaking Fire Warden activities. This is concluded with a multiple choice examination to ensure understanding.
All candidates have been very enthusiastic as to the content of this course and as a result feel very confident in their fire warden duties.

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Exceeding customer expectations

In my role as Customer Support Manager, I understand the importance of keeping my team motivated so that they can deliver positive customer interactions and exceed customers expectations. Protective Packaging Ltd offer ongoing product and system training internally for their staff, they are also continually looking at appropriate external training courses that will help to develop their staff to their full potential.

I am lucky to have a very hardworking and fun team, and at the very busy and stressful times, when a little extra motivation is required, they can always be bribed with a boozy team night out.

Caroline Davies

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Opportunities to learn more

I have been at Protective Packaging for 7 months now. When I first started everything was completely new to me and I only knew the basics of the company.
Protective Packaging have given me all kinds of opportunities to learn more. I have received all types of training in most areas of the company and also attended an Export Freight Course to give me a better understanding. My role has now developed to include Customer Support as well as Purchasing role.

This has helped me gain my qualification in Business Administration level 2 and hopefully move on to my Level 3.

Karis Jackson

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