Sample our Valve Sacks

valve sackDo you pack your products into Valve Sacks which are made from polythene or paper?

We manufacture Valve Sacks from aluminium barrier foil which is perfect for your more specialist products which are susceptible to climatic damage i.e. moisture or oxygen. If you supply us with the dimensions of your current sack or send us a sample then we can replicate your current sack using our aluminium barrier foil laminate.

We can supply Valve Sacks in any quantity i.e. there is no minimum and we can despatch within a couple of days which means that our total barrier Valve Sacks are available as and when you need them and in quantities that match shorter manufacturing runs of your more specialised product.

Contact us on 0161 976 2006 or email and request a free sample!

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Doing our best to save the planet

Protective Packaging blogAt Protective Packaging Limited we take our green credentials seriously.
All of our waste is taken for recycling, and none of it goes into landfill.
Paper waste is pulped and converted into new products, and wood and old pallets get de-nailed and shredded for pet bedding among many uses.
The waste from our barrier foil laminate liners gets turned into fuel for sustainable energy
All in all we’re doing our best for the planet.

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Made in Manchester

Do your products need protecting against;


Protective Packaging bespoke barrier foil liners or barrier foil material on the reel with silica-gel, activated clay or ProdriPoles keep your products safe during transit or storage.


Call now for a price and next day delivery.

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Printed Foil Laminates Supplied on the Roll

Are you considering automating your barrier packaging process? Then please remember that Protective Packaging Ltd can supply a wide range of laminated barrier foils printed to your bespoke requirements.

We can manufacture the laminate of your choice with the your print applied behind the outermost clear polymer layer, so that it is protected from scuffing, scratches, solvents etc. We offer a complete technical advice and sampling service from the initiation of your ‘form fill & seal’ packing project to the point of full production runs and beyond. The material can be supplied with exactly the right width and roll length you need. And if none of the variety of high barrier laminate materials in our range exactly match the requirements of your application, we will work with you to develop one to your own specification.

So you can have a foil which is right for you, printed to advertise your company and product and we even offer a stock hold service, meaning you can have it exactly when you need it.

Give us a call on 0161 976 2006 or send an email to and we’ll make it easy for you.

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Protective Packaging’s Premier League Anticipation!

Robin Van PersieHere at Protective Packaging, in the outskirts of central Manchester, the past couple of months have been tough. I’m not talking in terms of business but for the employees, who have been without Premier League football, with only two poor international performances (Euros/Olympic football) to at least try and fill the gap. These games were nothing like the nail biting end of the season we had when Man City won the title.

Now it’s like everything is back to normal; Man City fans and Man United fans are debating who will win the league and everyone seems that little bit happier.

I wonder what this season will bring. Will City win the league again? Will Van Persie drive United to victory? Or, next time Robin Van Persie misses a penalty, will he need a custom made barrier foil bag (for his head) to hide his identity in public? Who knows?

Jamie Mancini Lee

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PPL promise to look after you

I find Protective Packaging an interesting place to work as our products
are sold within the EU and to markets worldwide We use agents to transport our goods
but even so we need to have an awareness of customs formalities and procedures.
Customs duties have been one of the most reliable sources of public revenue for
many centuries.

At Protective Packaging we will handle any shipment, to whatever destination, with the care and dedication it deserves.

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Automated Fabrication Training

At Protective Packaging we have a 2 dimensional bag making machine producing large flat bags/tubes and sheets at a high speed which is named JOEY.
We named the machine Joey as it produces small pouches and like a kangaroo a baby Joey sits in it mothers pouch (thanks Julie its name suits it well).
When we first purchased this machine only a few people were trained up to produce the job sheets in order to make these bags to perfection. Philip had the great task in teaching me everything there is to know about the bags we produce on the Joey machine.
If you require a large quantity of flat bags with a short lead time please get in touch by email or give us a call and our friendly customer support team will be happy to take your details.

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