Barrier foils protect wind turbine motors

At the start of the year I began my studies for the CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing and it seemed like it would be a long year of study. However the year has flown by and I am now preparing to take my final exam which is based on a case study; this term Wind Power is the topic.

By 2020, 15% of the final consumption of energy in the UK needs to come from renewable sources. Currently only 4% of the UK’s electricity generation comes from renewable sources so there is a long way to go!

Wind Farms are on the up in the UK, and all over the world. In fact, we supply barrier foil packaging to a customer who packages the motors which are used in wind turbines. The aluminium laminates ensure the protection of the motor during storage and transportation to the site of the wind farm.

As the UK, and the rest of the world, increasingly recognise the need to move away from non-renewable energy sources to renewable ones, the number of wind farms will continue to rise. Some small businesses are even using smaller wind turbines to generate the electricity they require. Unfortunately, Protective Packaging’s property is surrounded by other buildings and trees, and there is not frequent wind so planning permission would not be given for our own Protective Packaging wind farm. Also, Manchester is better known for its rain than it’s sunshine, so solar power is not an option either!

So, until we relocate to windier or sunnier climates, we will continue to support the move towards renewable energy with the provision of our superior packaging to companies who need to protect their valuable investments; for both their future and the future of our planet.

Vanessa Slade

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Bikes protected by ProDriPole

prodripole desiccant poleHaving recently helped out in the promotion of one of our products “ProDriPole” at Protective Packaging I found myself with one of the products and decided to put it to good use.

Being a keen mountain biker for commuting and pleasure it’s not always feasible at the end of the commute to give the bike a good clean, so many times I’ve had to put them away still wet and muddy especially with this year’s “summer!”

Placing a ProDriPole in the area above the bikes I’ve been very pleased with the effect it’s had – no rust, or corrosion has taken place , even when I’ve not manged to clean them for a long period of time. Using the ProDriPole has allowed me to give them a proper clean at a more convenient time.

With Autumn now upon us and more wet weather to come I’ll be looking to order another ProDriPole very soon to avoid any corrosion to the bikes in the coming months.

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Skid-Mate Cushions – protection against shock and vibration

skidmate pallet cushionsSkid-Mate cushions are air-dampened cushioning devices which can be easily mounted on a pallet base in place of wood skid runners. These reusable cushions give maximum cushioning and dampening performance with a minimum of size and weight.
Main advantages:
• Reduce packaging design and assembly time
• Eliminate costly damage from handling hazards during shipment of valuable equipment
• Provides protection during loading and unloading when appropriate handling equipment is not available
• Reduce costly field service calls and repairs that can result from shock and vibration during transit
• Save in material and application costs – wood or wood-foam skid-runners are not needed
• Eliminate the need for expensive air-ride vans
• Permit 4-way entry pallet design
• Quickly add shock protection to existing crating or pallets without costly redesign
We currently stock Blue (70-125 lbs load range) and Orange (125-225 lbs load range), but other colours are also available, depending on the load range required.
We also supply spacer-disks, which increases the Skid-Mate height by 4”.

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Cushioning, or its technical name, Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam

Self adhesive polyethylene cushioning material A self adhesive “high tack” polyethylene cushioning material which adheres directly to rough sawn timber, plywood or cartons to provide a firm cushion between the packing case and it’s contents. With the cushioning being closed cell this means little or no moisture can be retained.

The cushioning is normally 6mm thick and has a bulk density of 33kilos per cubic metre and is available in stock at 50mm or 100mm wide x 10mtrs long (10 rolls per bundle), 100mtrs length in total. Other sizes are available upon request.

Our cushioning is easy to rip so the customer does not need to go to the trouble of trying to measure the length of the piece required or to find something suitable to cut it with. Once the tape backing is peeled away the high tack adhesive cushioning can then be placed directly onto the timber for protection. Due to the adhesive it is advised that the cushioning should NOT be placed onto any machinery as this would damage the paintwork.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation or a sample for you to test.

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Trains, Planes and Automobiles

As we here at Protective Packaging count down the days until we exhibit once again at Salon Emballage at Paris Nord Villepinte, it is time to finalise your travel arrangements so that you can join us in Hall 6 at Stand P090 between 19th and 22nd November 2012.

Whether you take the Eurostar, your favourite low-cost airline or drive, all roads and indeed tracks and skies, lead to Villepinte that week for the greatest packaging show France has to offer…..and the shops are great too!

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Engineering Improvements

Protective Packaging’s new Engineering department is nearing completion! It has had substantial investment including new made-to-measure work benches, bespoke storage units and also state-of-the-art PAT testing equipment. All this will ensure that Protective Packaging’s manufacturing machines continue to produce high quality foil liners for our customers.

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