Beginning of a New Chapter

I’m coming to the end of my first year at Protective Packaging and what a year it has been! From starting in the Purchasing department in January, to moving onto a Customer Support role in April, I have now joined the Accounts department.

I have been so lucky to have been given the opportunity to start a career in accounting. I have started my first qualification in AAT Level 2, and have full support from the accounts team as well as my assessor at college. However, the hardest part will be trying to fill the boots of Eileen who will be retiring in December. Just being here for 4 weeks I have learnt a lot from her and can see it will not be easy to do what she does.

So thanks Eileen for your support, and good luck to starting the next chapter in your life as I start mine.

Karis Jackson

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Manual Handling Training

The process of producing aluminium barrier foil laminate products requires a certain amount of Manual Handling.

Protective Packaging Ltd
recognises the importance of ensuring staff are suitably trained in all relevant aspects of health and safety and that includes Manual Handling.

The company has recently invested in an interactive CD Rom training package that helps to professionally deliver superb Manual Handling training. An examination is included at the end of the course to ensure candidates have fully understood the course contents.

Staff undertaking this training package have commented on how it has helped to make their job activities easier and safer.

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Barrier Foil Packaging Solutions at Emballage, Paris

We’re blogging from Emballage, one of the largest European packaging exhibitions taking place at Villepinte in Paris. After a hectic weekend setting up our stand P090 we’re now ready to welcome our visitors.

During the four day exhibition we shall be exhibiting barrier foil packaging solutions, showing our ability to provide total climatic protection for any product which may deteriorate due to moisture, oxygen and other gas ingress, odour transfer, U.V. light and temperature extremes. Exhibits will range from export packing solutions for the prevention of corrosion of metallic goods, and a wide range of liners for the protection of powders, flakes and granules in the form of round-bottom drum liners, octabin liners, F.I.B.C liners and corrugated and timber box liners, valve sacks and 25kg sacks with de-gassing feature and re-closable pouches through to ISO Container liners showing the bulkhead, filling and discharge design options. All bags and liners are tailor-made to suit the dimensions and style of the outer packaging with no minimum order quantities. Our latest product ProDriPole, developed specifically to protect the contents of ISO 20ft and 40ft containers from the detrimental effects of moisture will also be displayed.

We look forward to offering you a warm welcome to our stand in Hall 6, P090.

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The End of An Era

Here in the Accounts department at Protective Packaging Ltd, we have been privileged to work alongside Eileen for the last four years. Eileen’s depth of knowledge on all matters has kept us entertained and educated at all times.

Sadly Eileen has now confirmed she will be retiring at the end of the year. So when we are all preparing to return to work after the Christmas festivities, Eileen will be setting off for “a life on the ocean waves” on a cruise to the Caribbean.

The recruitment process to replace Eileen had so many boxes requiring ticks, we wondered if there could possibly be another Eileen to be found.

The old saying goes “As one door closes, another opens”. That certainly seems to be the case here. Karis has moved over to join our Accounts team from her previous joint role in Customer Support and Purchasing. In order to fill Eileen’s boots, Karis has a mammoth task in front of her and has settled into her training program well.

Goodbye Eileen, you will be greatly missed, be sure to pay us a visit if you have any spare time once you settle down into your retirement.

Karis, a very warm welcome. You are now part of the “A Team”.

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Trains, Planes and Automobiles

Here at Protective Packaging Ltd we have supplied Barrier Foil Bags and Desiccant for all of the above.


We have supplied bags that have completely covered a roof section of a train carriage.
The roof sections were built and shipped from the UK and needed a Barrier Foil Bag and Desiccant to ensure the goods arrived in pristine condition before being built up at their final destination.


We have supplied bags that have completely covered a fuselage section.
The three sections of the fuselage were shipped from the manufacturers in Italy to America for completion by the customer.
The fuselage sections were too big to be shipped in normal containers so were bagged up with Desiccant and then covered by a PVC tarpaulin for the sea journey.


We have supplied customers who were looking to pack parts for long term storage.
When a manufacturer finishes production of a particular model they have to keep a large number of spare parts available.
We have supplied bags for steering columns and windscreens.

These are just a few of the many manufacturing sections we supply our products to.

So if you need something to be packed for long term storage and you want it to look as good when you open it as the day you packed it please contact us.

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