A fond farewell

After four happy years at Protective Packaging Ltd – I have now reached the last remaining days of my working life and will be retiring.

As a member of the Accounts Team, I recognised  just how much accuracy, reliability  and  hard  work  are vital – and alongside the Customer Support Team and Quality Department I have  appreciated the need for courtesy, co operation and care – all essential ingredients to promote the ongoing and future  success of this vibrant company.

Learning about the products, not only our foil bags, and their applications also brought further understanding – I know, for example, how the exact amount of desiccant can maintain the wellbeing of products and their care in transit and storage.

I had always realised how important it is to measure properly – so that the customer’s precise requirements can be satisfied – and I have observed how meticulously our operatives strive to ensure that our finished products meet all required specifications.

I have seen, first hand, how the Quality Department always inspect our goods upon arrival, checking that their condition, during shipment, had not been compromised. Then, the regular inspection of finished products and workmanship provide for confidence for our current and future customers.

The IT Department has indeed always amazed me – in that problems can be identified, sourced and resolved within a very short time.  Research into more efficient systems is constant, and new methods are regularly introduced to enhance flexibility, as streamlined procedures can release valuable time.

And for me, Management, staff and all colleagues have been wonderfully protective –

Finally, it has been a great experience to be part of the Protective Packaging TeamProtective Packaging blog – thanks for having me –

Good Luck for the future – you deserve it.


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Complete Climatic Protection with Barrier Foil Bag, Desiccant and Humidity Indicator

It is important to understand that when using a barrier foil bag for protection of products from moisture damage, a calculated amount of desiccant must be used inside the bag to absorb any existing water vapour and to neutralise the small amounts of water vapour which pass through the barrier foil.

The amount of desiccant needed to keep the foil bag dry depends upon the shipment destination (tropical or temperate), the area of the bag in square metres and the number of months the product is to be kept in the foil bag.

We can advise our customers on the most appropriate size and quantity of desiccant for the barrier foil application in line with BS1133, section 19.

We can also supply desiccant ready fitted into our foil bags and liners; our internal reference for this is “progel”.

We can also fit an humidity indicator into a foil bag to monitor the bag contents and the effectiveness of the aluminium barrier foil bag and desiccant at protecting your products against moisture ingress. Indicators can be integrated into the bag to continually monitor the relative humidity.

We can fit the sophisticated screw in indicator or a humidity card behind a clear window. A blue coloration to the card indicates the relative humidity is below the critical level and therefore corrosion has not taken place.

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Protective Packaging sponsor for a further year

The sponsorship from Protective Packaging Ltd which started in 2010 launched with the under 7’s, those 7’s are now under 9’s!  That kit has been passed down to the current under 7’s who will use the kit until summer 2013.

Nigel Peacock the manager of the current Under 9’s has been with the original Protective Packaging team from the beginning and has now qualified as a Level 1 Sports Coach, Child Safeguarding & Welfare Officer and achieved the FA Youth Module 1 Certificate (Creating the Learning Environment).

Lee Williams, the current under 7’s coach is an FA Level 2 qualified football coach. Lee’s coaching qualifications have been paid for by the club as he will be taking the current 7’s all the way through to 18 years old.

20 more kids have joined the club recently making a total of 156 Kids at the club.

Once the current 3 year sponsorship ends in summer 2013, Protective Packaging Ltd will again be sponsoring Nigel’s under 10’s in a new deal, which will provide a new full kit for each child. This will be the year the 10’s enter the league proper in a competitive format.

Next Saturday the 22nd December will be a special training morning before the Christmas break, we will have lad’s v dads, then the free Christmas party in the afternoon for the under 6’s to under 11’s.

Sale High School has allowed us use of the sports hall for the event and the team has been busy arranging the special events for on the day itself. All that has been asked is that each family brings something to eat. There will be a disco, bouncy castle, magician and loads of fun for the kids….

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More P’s from Pauline – phew!

I am proud to be part of Protective Packaging, the products produced are perfect for protecting your goods from perishing.
Our professional production team bespoke your packaging by measuring, cutting and sealing protective pouches to produce our products to your personal specification.
A sealer is the perfect partner to seal your own precious products, purchase your own today.

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Santa’s sack – any size!

After a long, hard year Christmas is nearly upon us. The festive season is something we all look forward to I am sure.

Here at Protective Packaging Ltd, the decorations are due to go up but we are still working hard to satisfy our customers climatic protection requirements right up until 21st December.

So, if you have an order to place, pick up the phone and speak to one of our Customer Support Elves now .

Please remember we can manufacture your Santa’s sack to any size, enabling you to transport any gift, any size, to anywhere in the world, safe in the knowledge that your item will arrive in pristine condition at your desired destination.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all from Protective Packaging Ltd.

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