Desiccant – we calculate your requirement

At Protective Packaging we supply two basic types of moisture adsorbing desiccants for use in our barrier foil bags, activated clay and silica gel. They are supplied in sachets of various sizes and box quantities. We can also supply desiccant ready fitted into our foil liners under the name of ‘Progel’

The amount of desiccant needed to keep the contents of a foil bag dry depends upon the shipment destination ( tropical or temperate ), the area of the bag in square metres and the number of months the product is to be kept in the foil bag. There is a British Standard formula for this calculation which is built into our system and is described on our website.

Activated clay conforms to the requirements of British Standard BS 7529, German Standard DIN 55473 & US Military Specification MIL-D-3464E. and also meet the requirements of the relevant FDA regulations for healthcare and food use.

We supply a standard silica gel product which is enclosed in Tyvek and will adsorb moisture from sealed spaces to prevent corrosion and mould growth. We also supply silica gel that is approved to DEF Stan 81/68(3). The def stan products are used in all UK military applications meeting the exact requirements of this standard. The sachets also conform to the requirements of British Standard BS 2540

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Drum Liners

At Protective Packaging we manufacture a wide range of round-bottom Drum Liners in various diameters.

Available in different material combinations they are also suitable  for hot fill and anti-static applications.   Product waste is reduced due to the liner fitting the exact shape of the drum, and the drum can also be recycled.

Protective Packaging round-bottom drum liners are sized to suit the dimensions of international standard-sized pails and drums ranging in rated capacities of 2L to 250L and they can be regarded as a flexible steel can.

Typical applications are the packaging of adhesives and sealants, particularly reactive hot melts, speciality chemicals, colorants, paints, pharmaceuticals, plastic resin and compounds.

The benefits you receive from using our drum liners are:

Total atmospheric barrier for product protection.

Dimensionally tailored solution.

Drum cleanliness.

Drum reusability.

Non-contamination of drum with only the liner contaminated.

Allows you to downgrade from steel to fibre or corrugated.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or a quotation.

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How can Protective Packaging’s products be used to provide Complete Climatic Protection?

When you look at the list of individual products we supply on our Products page, you may wonder how they can be used in combination to provide total climatic protection,  and under what circumstances they are employed.

Towards the end of 2012, we decided to collaborate with one of our regular export packing clients in order to produce a video that shows exactly how Protective Packaging’s product range can be utilised. The video can be viewed here and shows the following products in action:

– 3D Bag and Base Sheet, available in a range of laminate combinations according to the application

– Humidity Indicator, integrated into the 3D bag to permit easy monitoring of the relative humidity  inside the barrier foil bag

Desiccant, to remove any residual water vapour inside the aluminium 3D bag

– Heat Sealing Equipment, to give a hermetic seal between the bag and base sheet

– Cross Woven Lining Material, on the lid of the case to ensure protection of the packaged goods from physical water, such as rainwater for example

We hope this video shows how Protective Packaging can help fulfill your export packaging needs. Throughout 2013 we intend to expand our film making skills to cover other products from our range. Be sure to check back to see if we win any BAFTAs and please do let us know if there is a particular product you would be interested in seeing.

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Building higher quality standards

Being qualified to ISO 9001:2008 (Fourth Edition 2008-11-15) in our quality standards at Protective Packaging,  we are always aiming to build on our excellent levels of quality in our manufactured barrier foil bags and liner products.

With our aim for continual improvement we have set out new tighter targets for 2013 in our automated manufacturing processes in order to provide our customers with the very highest quality products in our  automated barrier foil bag ranges.

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Shock and vibration damage eliminated

Every year shock and vibration causes millions of pounds of damage during transport and handling of sensitive and valuable equipment.skidmate cushions

The Skidmate is an air dampened cushioning device that provides a fast, cost effective and durable solution to protect sensitive products from shock and vibration. The Skidmate can easily be mounted on a crate or pallet base, creating an air-ride cushion in place of hardwood skid runners and therefore eliminating the need to use expensive air-ride trucks.

Each colour coded  Skidmate corresponds to a specific load range and this  allows the user  to simply calculate their requirements  and  avoid  potential laboratory testing and the use of expensive packaging materials.

The Protective Packaging Customer Service team will be  happy to advise which colour Skidmate is most suitable and cost effective for your individual application.

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The right type of Heat Sealing Equipment

There are two basic types of heat sealers for packaging, which work in different ways:-

CONSTANT HEAT: The sealing jaws remain at a constant temperature, which is pre-set by a control on the sealer linked to a thermostat.  This type of sealer is used on all our in-house barrier foil conversion equipment because it gives a reliable seal strength even when used repeatedly for long periods.  The sturdy and improved technology make them indispensible where mainly manual packing is required either for manufacturing of water- and air-tight transport and sea freight packing, and closing of bagsheat sealing equipment and sacks.

Our HZ hand sealers are available with sealing lengths of 200, 300, 400 or 500mm, with a sealing width of 12mm.  Connection cable 3m length, weight 1.3 up to 1.9 kg, depending on sealing bar length.

IMPULSE: The sealing jaws remain cool between sealing operations.  When activated they heat up then cool again in a cycle which is normally adjustable for dwell time and temperature to suit various films.  This type of sealer is used for single layer films such as polythene/polypropylene, which would simply melt in contact with a constant heat sealer.  Used for packing of bulky machinery, control cabinets, measuring units, various small items etc. in film bags, for manufacturing of water- and air-tight transport and sea freight packing, as well as for sealing bags and sacks.

The SZ hand sealers are available with sealing lengths of 300, 400, 500 and 600mm, with a sealing width of 3mm.  Connection cable 3m length, weight 1.4 up to 1.9kg depending on sealing bar length.

Protective Packaging Limited can supply, service and repair almost any type of heat sealer.

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Thermal bag

thermal packagingProtective Packaging’s thermal bag is ideal for transporting temperature controlled medicines. It is an essential Packaging requirement, with an optimal service dedicated to pharmaceutical distribution, usa online pharmacy without prescription, pharmacies and manufacturers.

Protective Packaging provides thermal bags with various closure systems and upon request, with an inside pocket and cooling elements.

Advantages of using the Thermal bag are detailed below;

–  Designed to be suitable for the shipment of temperature-sensitive products

–  Fully approved for medical use

–  Available with various options of closing system that will ensure hermetic sealing and tamper evidentce

–  Zipper closure profiles facilitate re-sealability

–  Pouches can be fitted with internal pockets to accommodate cooling elements

–  Pouches can be printed up to 10 colours with company branding and user instructions.

    Please don’t hesitate to request a free sample – 0161 976 2006

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    Happy New Year from Johnny B!

    Happy New Year to all from Johnny B!

    Due to popular demand here at Protective Packaging Ltd. we have replaced our old vending machines in the staff canteen with new ones.

    As the new machines are bigger, they are able to hold more product meaning less frequent refills!

    The popular snacks and drinks keep our staff fueled so they can manufacture barrier foil bags to high standards at all times!

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    Happy New PPL Year!

    H – Have you  got problems with corrosion or moisture damage?
    A – Are you exporting?
    P Protective Packaging can provide the solution
    P –  Prompt efficient service
    Y –  Your products will be totally protected with our aluminium barrier foil bags and liners

    N – No minimum order quantities
    E – Each bag and liner is tailor made to suit your requirements
    W –  We will recommend the perfect material for your application and calculate the bag size and desiccant requirements for you

    Y – Your products will be protected from moisture / oxygen / odour transfer / aggressive gases / temperature extremes
    E – Exporting to different climates needs special climatic protection
    A – Ask us for a sample, we’re always happy to oblige
    R – Remember that you need climatic protection, not just physical

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