A Barrier To Odour Transfer

3D Barrier Foil LinerOdour transfer from packed food based products can attract all kinds of unwanted problems.
Flexible barrier foil bags and liners provide a means of containing odour and maintaining flavours as they were intended to be.

For instance shipping a mixture of flavoured and plain teas abroad is now possible without one tainting the taste of another, by using a hermetically sealed barrier foil cover and base sheet on pallets of flavoured teas, thereby protecting pallets of non-flavoured teas in the same container from taste taint.

We even supply barrier foil liners for corn based poison pest bait travelling to warm climates. Polyethylene and similar low barrier films allow the corn aroma to escape, attracting unwanted herbivorous pests such as weevils which can attack such films, infiltrate the product and destroy it. Changing to barrier foil liners completely prevents the initial insect attraction by containing the product odour. Even if the pest somehow knew there was ‘food’ in the liners, it could never succesfully invade them due to the aluminium layer in the foil laminate forming a impenetrable barrier to insect infestation.

Odours and flavours kept in, pests kept out, with one easy solution.

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Proud Winners Once Again

We’re delighted to announce our success once again in the the Alufoil Trophy 2013.

Our winning entry, the RescueTec foil pouch provides a solution for repairing mobile phones or other electronic devices which have been damaged by immersion in water.

Find out all about the award and the judges comments in the Alufoil Association  press releaseRescuetec_Pack_Open

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Industrial Packaging Requirements?

Protective Packaging offer barrier foil liners either flat or 3 dimensional to protect, preserve and contain your product while in storage or transit. Desiccant can be added into the manufactured bespoke bag to ensure no excess moisture can cause corrosion or damage your product.

Lost confidence when wanting to deliver a product? Use Protective Packaging’s Tiltwatch and Shockwatch and enable us to give you the confidence when shipping valuable items to make sure they do not get miss-handled in transit.

Do you need the ultimate protection against corrosion or protection of moisture sensitive products? YES? Think of Protective Packaging and order your bespoke liner today and receive it the next day.100_0668

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So many tapes!

As part of the Purchasing team here at Protective Packaging Ltd., it is my job to ensure we always have enough tape.  But it’s not just one type of tape, I have to ensure we never run out of the following:-

Sellotape – used for sealing the cartons when we pack our barrier foil liners and ship them out to our customers.

Fragile tape – used when we pack sensitive items such as ShockWatch and TiltWatch.

Double sided tape – used on some of the bags we produce if the customer does not have a heat sealer.  Kwikstick

Kwickstick – this is a butyl tape that we sell to customers who do not have access to heat sealers, it gives a very good seal (see my previous blog on this subject).

Crossweave tape – a very strong tape that is used on our container liners.

Banding tape – a heavy duty tape that is put around the pallet boxes to ensure our goods arrive at their destination in good condition.

Aluminium foil tape – used to repair/seal barrier foil liners.

Masking tape – used by our re-winder operator to secure the foil to the cardboard core.

Red tape – also used by our re-winder operator to flag up any joins in the rolls.

Base tape – this is a low tack tape that is used on the base of some of our box bags.

Then there is the small roll of sellotape which fits in the tape dispenser on my desk – I would like a pound for every time I hear the words “can I borrow your sellotape please”.

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Case Lining Material

Blue Case lining is a cross woven material that is used by a wide range of our customers for various applications. At this time of year the case lining is often used by the Events Catering Industry as an effective floor covering, it can help prevent lawn wear and it also protects valuable floors and carpets from spillages, dirt and general wear and  tear.

The rolls come in a standard size of 1.83x200m.   

If you would like any further information about this product, please don’t hesitate the Protective Packaging Customer Support team on 0161 976 2006.

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