Safety First

Here at Protective Packaging we take health and safety seriously especially in the warehouse when we receive a delivery of our Cross Woven Case Lining material and have to unload over 500 rolls by hand from a container.
All the warehouse staff are aware of the dangers of personal injury should safety rules not be followed and we carry out stringent safety checks to monitor the safety of our staff.Case Lining Material
On a lighter note, in the very near future all the rolls will be delivered in crates to make unloading more efficient and a much safer procedure.

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New Challenges Every Day

Working within the Customer Support department at Protective Packaging offers new and exciting challenges every day. We are often contacted by Customers asking for advise on particular applications, below is an enquiry we received where the customer needed our help and expertise.

“I need to pack thousands of small metal components for shipment to and storage in the tropics. They are each 2x1x1cm and have arrived in cardboard boxes with pigeon hole partitions. They need to stay in these boxes but are too small for individual foil bags so how can I ensure they are protected from moisture damage”

Our response to the question was;  “You should be able to enclose the boxes into desiccated foil bags. We would need to know the weight of the cardboard within each bag to calculate the dunnage factor in the British Standard desiccant formula so we can advise how much desiccant is required per bag. We would advise to spread the desiccant throughout the pack and always ensure the components are not in direct contact with cardboard i.e. wrapped in open cell foam or similar as cardboard can become acidic when damp”.3D Barrier Foil Liner

With 25 years expertise under our belts, we can come up with a solution for the most unusual requirements.

You can contact our Customer Support team on 0161 976 2006 for our help & advise.

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Georgia’s Protective Packaging Update

I started working for Protective Packaging at the end of January 2013. My role is IT Assistant.

Being the second Apprentice within the business, I am very honoured to have been given this opportunity as I have learnt so much within my first 3 months here, and I look forward to seeing what further knowledge can be provided.

In the first month of working with Protective Packaging I had a brief overview with each department within the company. The most interesting department for me was Hand Fabrication as I learnt all about the barrier foil laminates that we use and the styles of bags and liners which we are able to produce; this which I had absolutely no knowledge of until I started working here. I also enjoyed learning about our container desiccant, ProDriPole, in addition to the impact and damage detection products we sell, such as ShockWatch and TiltWatch.

I am very keen to be successful as an IT Assistant and I am determined to continue this role. I also attend Manchester College one day a week as part of gaining a qualification as an IT Apprentice.

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Manchester – Red Once Again!

Here at Protective Packaging LtdManchester United in Manchester we have a football divide with staff supporting Manchester United and Manchester City, this causes a lot of banter around the company.

This weekend saw both sides running high on emotions – City lost to Wigan in the FA Cup final and their Manager Roberto Mancini has been sacked. United, although on a high from winning and collecting the 20th Premier League Trophy saw Sir Alex Ferguson at his last game at Old Trafford before retiring next week.

But after the highs and the lows of the weekend it’s back to work with the manufacture of Automated and Hand Fabricated Barrier Foil Bags and Liners.

To see the benefits of our Barrier Foil packaging please visit our website or have a chat with our Customer Support team (about football or foil bags!) on 0161 976 2006

Sarah (Man U Fan)

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The Trouble with Standards

Every day at Protective Packaging we get requests for a confirmation that one of our aluminium foil laminatesquality3.221194950_std conforms to a particular industrial or National Defence Standard and if so, to which class(e) and type.  Now, as there are not that many of these Standards, it is not a big problem to keep pace with progress.

When we get to the European Standards, however, that is a different story. There are many of them, dealing with a wide number of issues, particularly if the item is to be stored in contact with food, e.g.:-
Its heavy metal content,
Any additives sourced from animals (BSE/TSE),
Migration tests for specific foodstuffs,
Presence of specific chemicals e.g. phthalates, specific flames retardants, bisphenol A, and so on.
Some foils have to be ‘nut free’ or have not to contain certain components that will react adversely when used to support nuclear components.
Then we have the European pharmacopoeia, which deals with, amongst many issues, containers for pharmaceutical preparations. This edict is legally binding and many of our pharmaceutical customers and online pharmacy canada want to be assured that our foils are not going to have any adverse affects on their products.

Then, we have the all-encompassing declarations such as REACH, which asks suppliers of all types of chemical compounds and mixtures to declare any hazard.

Finally the European Agencies’ are constantly required to revise their original Standards in line with technological and industrial advances. Then the original standards and revisions procreate at a frightening rate.

However, none of these issues need concern you – the Protective Packaging Limited customer. We are constantly on the look-out for anything new so that it can be reflected as necessary in our technical data sheets and declarations. Our information is always up to date to ensure that we can provide the necessary assurances that your product, which you have made with the utmost of dedication, will not be contaminated by the packaging.

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Protective Packaging go to the dogs!

Here at Protective Packaging we’ve just had a great night out at Belle Vue Greyhounds, fully sponsored by the company. The evening started with a three course meal and included lots of drinks and provide a great social event after a busy week manufacturing barrier foil bagsProtective Packaging visit the dogs and liners. It was held on Friday 26th April 2013 and we would like to thank the Board of Directors and all those responsible for making this possible.

Cheers for a great night!

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