So Long, Farewell

Here at Protective Packaging Ltd we feel it’s very important to maintain a “happy ship” and actively strive to encourage social outings for all colleagues.  Generally speaking once an employee reaches the end of their probationary period, they are usually settled into our “little family” and tend to stay for many years.

In addition to social events open to all colleagues, there is a special place for departmental outings so those working together on a daily basis can let their hair down and get to know each other better away from the office constraints.  Sadly last week the accounts and IT departments joined forces and went out for a meal to say “So Long, Farewell” to Andy, who after 9 years is moving on to new pastures taking on a more demanding position at the end of July.

At this point it seems appropriate to say “hello and welcome” to Peter, who recently joined the company to head the IT department.

We were also joined by former colleague Eileen who managed to find a free evening to share with us before setting off on her next cruise or holiday. We are not quite sure where she found the time to come to work before she retired.      A grand time was had by all, even though we are sad to see Andy go.Farewell to Andy

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Satisfied Customers

Protective Packaging Limited aim to ensure that each and every customer receives the best  possible service.   One of the ways we do this is by keeping in regular contact.

My job is to follow up on all the quotes from our “house” region, checking to see if the customer is totally happy with the contents, offering material or foil bag samples where required for testing purposes, and generally finding out if there are any updates or movement on the quotation provided.Foil bag

Along with the quotes and general Customer Support tasks, I make courtesy calls to all our customers in the “house” region, to see how business is going, and to make sure they are happy with the service they are receiving from ProtectivePackaging.

I thoroughly enjoy my role as it helps me get to know the customers individual needs and understand more about how Protective Packaging and our customers work.


Jamie Lee

Customer Support

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Good Packing

Packaging budgets are often scrutinised and many companies are tempted to shop around for lower prices. Unfortunately, this is often at the expense of quality and any short term savings can be negated by increased transit damage and supply issues.

The right material needs to be chosen to ensure that the product is properly protected; it can be a long and demanding journey from the factory to the point of use and damaged goods often involve expensive replacements.

Here at Protective Packaging we have competitive prices and quality materials and products. We can also be challenged to come up with bespoke ideas to optimise your packaging process.

Our in-house Customer Support team are here to advise how best to package your goods, without damage, while satisfying the needs of the end user. We also have agents who can visit your premises to clarify your needs with regards to packaging, pricing and delivery.100_7924 - Copy

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Heat Sealers

Here at Protective Packaging we offer a range of heat sealing equipment which can be used to achieve effective seals on both Aluminium Barrier Foil and thermoplastics.

The key benefits of the sealers are;

Creates an accurate seal.
Plugs directly into the mains.
Available in different jaw lengths.

Any product which requires hermetic sealing.

The HZ sealer suitable for Barrier Foil  provides an accurate temperature control and has a sealing width of 12mm.  It is available in jaw lengths of 20,30,40 and 50cms

The SZ Sealer is suitable for use with both polythene and PV. This hand held impulse sealer has a highly accurate timer and a sealing width of 3mm. It and is available in jaw lengths of 20,30,40 and 60cm.

If you require one of our heat sealers please contact the Protective Packaging on 0161 976 2006 where one of our dedicated Customer SHZ Heat Sealer for Barrier Foilupport team will be able to assist you.

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