Quality is paramount

Well it’s been an interesting few months not only training Pauline in the day to day quality checks that are carried out on the factory floors but also learning and carrying out more customer focused work in the Quality Office myself.

Here at Protective Packaging Ltd,  whatever the product, whether it be automated manufacture of barrier foil bags and liners or larger products such as ISO Container LinersFoil bag from our Hand Fabrication Unit,  quality checks are carried out by each individual operator, along with  spot checks which are  carried out by Quality Control Team throughout production runs.  This ensures that only the very best products will be received by our customers in the global market.

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Protective Packaging’s Little Reds

In 2010 Protective Packaging sponsored a small football U7 Football team, Sale Communities JFCIMG_0401 PP Reduced who play at our local Sale High School on Norris Road.

In 2010 the squad had 12 members, including Customer Support Team Manager Sarah’s son Aidan.   Now in the 2013/14 season they are Under 10’s, they have 26 squad members split over 3 development teams, Eagles, Falcons and Kestrels. Not only have the squad numbers increased but they also have a new coaching team in place with 6 volunteer parents managing the teams, the training and of course match days. The coaches have all completed their Level 1 FA Qualifications and the age group is thriving.

The 3 teams are all playing in the Timperley & District Junior Football League with 48 other teams from the Trafford and Manchester areas, so the Protective Packaging name is truly on tour!

For the next 2 years the teams will play 7 v 7 football in ‘non competitive’ league formats with a cup competition at the end of the season. The term non-competitive is misleading however, you try telling a 10 years old kid that it’s not a competition! Never mind their parents!

We will keep you posted with progress this season and remember to come down and see us one Saturday, come and see how the support we get from local businesses like Protective Packaging keeps this club going…you can also get a brew and a bacon barm at our new snack cabin!

Thank you from all the kids and club members…

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Welcome To Our New Team Members

September 2013 will see the arrival of 3 new members to the Protective Packaging family.

Usman and Fazli are the newest additions to our UK Sales force. They will spend their first few weeks moving around various departments in order to gain an understanding of the climatic packaging solutions we manufacture and how enquiries for barrier foil packaging are progressed from start to finish. They will also be taken on joint customer visits to earn an appreciation of the wide variety of industry sectors we service; from medical and diagnostics to aerospace and engineering.

Meanwhile, Chris will join us as Quality and Health and Safety Manager. Chris will be led through an intensive training programme in order to ensure he understands all aspects of Quality across all departments at Protective Packaging Limited. Part of his learning will be to undertake audits across the company to ensure that everything is in place for us to comply with internal, customer and ISO quality expectations.

I am sure everyone will do their utmost to make our new starters feel welcome.


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Environmentally Aware

Here at Protective Packaging Ltd we try to do our bit towards saving the environment. We purchase ‘wood free’ paper to use in our printers and photocopiers. The paper is made from wheat, or to be more precise wheat straw and other agricultural waste. It is the waste product of wheat harvesting combined with bagasse, a fibrous matter that remains after sugarcane is processed. Both are agricultural residue and would otherwise have been stubble burnt releasing greenhouse gasses.

We also purchase recycled cartridges to use in our printers, and where possible we return our used cartridges for recycling. Printer cartridges thrown in landfills and dumps take 1000’s of years to decompose and in the process release harmful gasses like nitrous oxide, that pollute both the air and water.

As mentioned in a previous blog, we are now also recycling the aluminium cans which are purchased from our vending machine in the canteen.

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