Quality it’s a Daily Routine

Tailor made foil bag for machineryWhether in automated packaging or in our hand fabrication unit not only do the production staff do their standard quality checks but the quality department spends every day doing spot quality checks in all production areas. So how many on average extra do we do 20 a day? 30 a day?

The average number of factory floor quality checks for the last 3 months has been 300 a day!

Yes that’s right 300 additional checks a day ensuring our customers receive the very best quality barrier foil bags for whatever there needs.

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Easter Comes Early at Protective Packaging

hotelchocolatAt the beginning of March we were lucky enough to receive some free Easter Eggs from the luxury chocolatier, Hotel Chocolat. Unlike many chocolate makers, Hotel Chocolat also grows cocoa, which is of equal interest to us here at Protective Packaging as their tasty chocolate!

Our barrier foil laminates can be used to provide total climatic protection of cocoa beans during storage and transit. With both hand and automated production facilities at our site in Manchester, bags and liners can be tailor made to suit the client’s individual requirements.

Additionally, our container desiccant, ProDriPole, provides very efficient protection of delicate cocoa beans from the damaging effects of moisture at a cost effective price for cocoa bean shippers. ProDriPole is also suitable for use in storage sheds, after drying, sorting and bagging, to keep the storage area, hence the processed beans, free from damp and the danger of damage due to mould and mildew that could otherwise lead to the cocoa beans being rejected.

So, if you are a cocoa grower or shipper, wherever you may be based, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for advice and assistance with your cocoa bean storage and shipping requirements.


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Foil Pouches for Sugar Paste

So it’s my turn to write a blog, and after several sleepless nights trying to think of a subject, I decided to write about something unrelated to Protective Packaging Ltd. Foil bags for Sugar Paste

My hobby is making cakes so this week-end I went to Event City in Trafford to visit the Cake International Show. As well as stands selling everything for the cake maker, there were lots of competition cakes on display. I was completely bowled over by some of them, and my personal favourite was this one of a chicken. I can only imagine the amount of hours put into a cake of this standard. The only possible connection I can think of between cakes and Protective Packaging is that flower paste, sugar paste and icing sugar are often sold in barrier foil pouches, so if you are a manufacturer of these items maybe we can help you. We can provide any size barrier foil bags, liner or pouch to keep your product fresh. Please contact our Customer Support department with your enquiry

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Derby Day Looms!

man city logoman utd logoIt’s nearly blues vs. reds again with an eagerly anticipated Manchester United v Manchester City derby at Old Trafford later this month.

How times have changed since Sarah’s last Protective Packaging football blog from September 2011 when City pulled off a historic 6-1 victory over United.

Whether it’s desiccant to absorb the tears or it’s case lining to cover the floors and catch the spilt beer, it’s surely going to be another classic match. We could even manufacture a bespoke 1.85mtr tall aluminium foil bag for a certain Manager!

What’s your prediction?

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Improving The Way We Work

At Protective Packaging we are always striving to improve the way we work in all areas of the business.

In our Customer Support Department our latest implementation is the addition of a comprehensive checking list to be used while inputting all barrier foil bag orders onto the system.

We are proud of the fact that we make very few errors on orders and this check list should improve this even further.

Foil Bag

Foil bag with loose base sheet.

Foil bag with loose base sheet.

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