IT Update

The IT department has undertaken dramatic changes this year, starting with the return of Andy Thompson to Protective Packaging Ltd as IT Manager.

This change has brought about a review of all 3rd party contracts, and we have successfully completed the first ‘Pen to Paper’. We are currently entering a new 3 year partnership with M2 to supply new Printers and Copiers to our business. This contract includes a move to new up rated equipment, and will replace both large Printer/Copiers in the Customer Support and Marketing departments, and the addition of 5 new printers for all of the other departments.  This is a managed service, which means that all the printers will be maintained and serviced by M2, who will also supply the toner.

This is not the only service that will be changing in the coming months, it’s the first ball to start rolling in the planned IT upgrades to improve  our computerised procedures and ensure the best methods for speed and efficiency.

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Freshness In The Heat

With the wonderful weather that we’ve been experiencing over the past few days it makes you think how susceptible some goods must be to the extreme heat changes during storage and transit.

Logistics companies specialising in pharmaceutical and healthcare export Thermal Pallet Cover services experience problems with temperature variations and this problem has been resolved with the introduction of Thermal Pallet Covers manufactured by Protective Packaging Limited. These covers protect products from variations in temperature, helping to maintain quality and freshness.

The covers are manufactured in PPUV129 material which is a 2 layer laminate consisting of metalized polyester and bubble polythene. The simplicity of these protective covers means that there is very little additional packaging time needed to create a secure thermal protective casing. A flat oversized base sheet is laid on the pallet and the goods are placed on top. The top hat shaped cover is then placed over the top and the base sheet is then folded up and sealed securely. To guarantee the whole pack remains intact during transit, strapping bands are placed around the pallet to secure the goods and the cover

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Personal Development and Enhancement

I am now in my third year at Protective Packaging Ltd.

Since joining the accounts department in October 2012 I have gained my AAT Level 2 and am currently working towards my Level 3 which I should hopefully achieve by October.

Protective Packaging and my colleagues in the accounts department have really supported me and I have been really glad to learn as much as I have with the help and guidance I have received.

Their many years of experience in the industry and in different fields has helped me see things in a different light instead of a classroom environment.

Karis Jackson

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Barrier Packaging Solutions

Here at Protective Packaging we supply a diverse range of industries from the weird to the wonderful that require a full barrier packaging solution.  Beer, Wine and Cider Homebrew Kits are just some of the products where you will find our quality laminate to maintain the integrity of quality hops from moisture, odours and gasses.

We also supply quality hand held heat sealersFoil bags for hops to enable strong and robust hermetic seals. We have also been accredited to ISO Standards since 1990.

Contact us for further information where our dedicated Customer Support  team can help with your enquiry.

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