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At Protective Packaging we’re constantly striving to provide the highest quality
of service for all our customers.

Have a browse around our site at to see an overview of our company
with the vast amount of products available for all your Climate Packaging Requirements.

Please call our Customer Support Team on 0161 976 2006 and we will be happy to assist any
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Engineering Changes

There are many exciting changes and projects in the pipeline here at Protective Packaging Ltd. One of the most notable is a change of personnel in the engineering department. After 16 years service, Kosta has departed for pastures new but we welcome our new engineer Peter Timkovic. With this change of personnel brings a great opportunity for us here at PPL to keep improving our machines performance and building on the wealth of knowledge, talent and drive that we currently possess within all departments of the business.

We continue to ensure that your barrier foil box bags, flat bags, FIBC liners, drum liners and all our products are delivered right, first time, every time to the highest quality.

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New Logistics & Freight Department

Here at Protective Packaging we have recently amalgamated departments to form a Logistics and Freight department.

This now encompasses all freight, carriers, UPS etc. to ensure our customers receive their barrier foil bags, desiccant and associated products on time, every time.

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Bags of Protection

For 25 years a highly experienced team at Protective Packaging has been helping a wide variety of industries to protect their goods from moisture and corrosion damage. In understanding the serious consequences of corrosion and the need for a quick response to prevent the damage caused, experts at Protective Packaging have designed and introduced many solutions to tackle this problem.
Foil Bags
A wide range of aluminium laminates have been manufactured in different grades to protect your goods. Depending on whichever industry requires moisture or corrosion protection, the team at Protective Packaging has a vast amount of knowledge and experience to advice on the correct use of laminate grade which is then converted into 2D or 3D Barrier Bags within in the Hand Fabrication factory or on the automated machinery.

The foil bag, whether 2D or 3D is the first solution to protection of the goods, nevertheless to make sure that any moisture that may have been trapped inside the bag is not going to cause any damage to items, the team calculate the correct amount of desiccant required based on the British International Formula BS Section 19. The desiccant can then be pre-fit into the bag which is designed to protect goods while in storage or during transit.

Secondly, at Protective Packaging we stock a broad range of consumable products to compliment the barrier foil bags. For more information on these products please have a look at the website

At Protective Packaging there is always someone available either on the phone or to visit your premises if required to make sure you achieve the best solution to protect your goods.

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Barrier Bag Design Service

product montageHere at Protective Packaging Ltd we have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to designing the right barrier foil bag to meet the customer’s needs.

We will visit a customer to see how they pack their product and suggest the correct Barrier Foil Bag and material grade to keep their goods in pristine condition either whilst in storage or in transit to their customer anywhere in the World.

As part of our ISO accreditation we will call a meeting involving Sales, Customer Support, Production and Quality to make sure everybody is happy that we can manufacture exactly what the customer wants, not just as a sample but a full production run time after time.

The Barrier Foil Bags are used to protect products from Moisture/Oxygen ingress, UV light, Temperature extremes, Odours, Mould/Fungi growth, Grease and Oils and Chemicals. The key benefits are wide ranging but include the elimination of corrosion damage, reduced desiccant usage, extended product shelf life, re-useability of the outer container, to name just a few.

Please give us a call on 0161 976 2006 to discuss your individual requirement.

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