Updates On A Regular Basis

In the accounts department at Protective Packaging Ltd we look to our excellent in-house IT department to implement and oversee updates to our database on a regular basis.

Like lots of businesses we are now looking to email our Sales Invoices to our customers. We already email our Order Acknowledgements on a daily basis and this gives our customers a chance to check the details of their order for our tailor-made foil bags and liners, prior to despatFoil Bagsch.

We offer quality, peace of mind and competitive prices for ALL your climatic packaging requirements.

Call our dedicated Custom Support Team for a quote today.

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Lunch in the sun!

What a great day for our very first social lunch at Protective Packaging.

The fantastic weather made a great setting for the get together which provided an opportunity for all departments to meet up, relax and enjoy a lovely buffet lunch.

DSC04132Everyone would agree it was a great success and special thanks go to our MD and Management Team for organizing this event, hopefully the first of many to come.

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Heat Sealer Project

Since  joining Protective Packaging 10 years ago, first as a Machine Operator and now as an Engineer, I’ve been working on the Hand Sealers used to manufacture our Barrier Foil Bags and Liners.

On many occasions I’ve been thinking of ways to make them more comfortable to work with. heat sealing equipment  The biggest issue for many in production, even myself, is tiredness and hand ache during the long and frequent usage of the hand sealers. By listening to these concerns I have come up with an improvement for the handles. Working as an electrical technician with a huge variety of electrical materials one particular item caught my eye – Heat Shrink Sleeve!

The existing cushioning  used on the handles deteriorates very quickly due to the excessive usage of the sealers. The way to improve the comfort of the handles is to cover the handles and heat shrink with this adhesive heat shrink sleeve.  This new adaptation has already been trialed across our hand fabrication department with surprisingly positive feedback and fair demand. I must admit though that in one instant this project hasn’t worked as hoped. The material that the heat shrink is made from doesn’t  suit every hand and for one person caused some  friction blistering – amazing to see our production team pushing their boundaries!

It’s certainly a step in the right direction.  By changing to a more skin friendly material we could see the true benefit of this improvement.sealer handles

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Cushioning Protection

When packaging machinery within a barrier foil bag, sharp edges and corners can be a problem. This can be addressed by using self-adhesive cushioning which sticks directly to the relevant blockings and cradles.

This highly versatile material is a quick and easy method which provides an ideal substitute for felt, polystyrene, bubble foam or non adhesive polyethylene foam and is available in standard 5cm and 10cm wide rolls.IMG_6190 - Copy

The use of the cushioning material ensures that no punctures occur in the barrier foil bag during shipment guaranteeing the hermetic seal and total climatic protection of the machine during transit.

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New Partnership

Protective Packaging Ltd has entered a new partnership with M2 for the supply of our Printers and Copiers. This new deal means that printing is now cheaper than ever, with great savings over the next 3 years but most important, providing simple to use Business Intelligent functionality to all departments.

So how can you do your bit to help save for the company and the environment?

Follow these 4 simple steps, 1: Only print it out if you really need a copy, 2: make sure you print out to one of the new Ricoh printers, 3: print in Black and White first only selecting colour if it’s a real necessity. 4: Use the Business Intelligent function and e-mail yourself a copy keeping the data digital.

M2 are one of the largest maintained Printer and Copier suppliers in the world and the Ricoh equipment we now have will help reduce our carbon footprint as each printer uses less power and greater efficiency to handle Protective Packaging’s print requirements

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