Wear it Pink- A Great Success

On Friday 24th October, Protective Packaging Ltd took part in a charity “Wear it Pink”  day supporting  Breast Cancer Awareness and colleagues wore pink  to show their support to this amazing charity.

Colleagues dressed in wigs, pink tops and even made scarves and ties out of Protective Packaging  pink anti static bubble material, which is often use to line our Barrier Foil Bags.  We also held two sweepstake competitions where we had to guess an item of pink clothing, in the hope of winning a £15 prize.   Winners of these events #wearitpinkwere Paul Skelly (clearly a fix as the Skelly brothers win everything!)  and Pauline Sherwin from Accounts.

Protective Packaging raised an amazing £103 this year, which is higher than any previous  years.

Well done to all those who took part!!

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“We’ve always done it that way”

I’ve heard this comment quite a lot  recently, sometimes there is a really good reason it “IS” done that way, but sometimes maybe, just maybe there is another way.

In 2014 and leading into 2015 I have find myself working through the company’s special procedures.  It has ranged from do we actually do this anymore? To completely new documents being created with the aid of all the staff involved. It’s a time consuming and detailed job but one that should always be done in businesses striving for excellence.

We start with the old, study, consult and with a team effort, produce the new.

Whether for better quality standards, safer working environments and long term economic benefits for all reviewing what we do and improving is a target we all strive for at Protective Packaging Limited.

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Foil Bag With A Clear Advantage

I was recently asked by a customer to propose a method where he could check the contents of a barrier foil bag to make sure they were safe from corrosion during long term storage, without opening the bag.   I advised the Customer that we can add a clear window to the foil bag, a humidity indicator card can be fitted behind the window. Alternatively we can fit a screw in humidity indicator to the bag. A blue colouration to the card indicates the relative humidity is below the critical level, if the card changes colour to pink, this indicates that the humidity within the bag has increased, by adding more desiccant to the bag and hermetically sealing, the humidity will reduce and the card will revert back to blue.

This allows the customer to check the contents of the foil bagThe contents are visible during transit and storage without the need to continually open.

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We are currently in the process of supplying our entire production workforce with a smart uniform which consists of black trousers and black polo shirts/sweatshirts with our company logo.  New Uniform at Protective Packaging We feel that this will project a professional image that is in keeping with the professional service we currently deliver to our customers and suppliers. It has taken a while to pin everyone down to giving their size, but we are almost there and very soon any visitors to Protective Packaging will hopefully be impressed by our smart workers.

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