Christmas in Full Force

Christmas is almost here and the mad shopping spree for presents is in full force for us all here at Protective Packaging Ltd.

We are really busy here with customers wanting to get their orders for our bespoke Aluminium Barrier Foil Laminate Bags and Liners delivered before our Christmas shutdown.

All of the staff are looking forward to getting through this busy period so we can all relax and wait for the big man to arrive with our presents and have fun with our families, knowing that we have once again achieved customer satisfaction at Protective Packaging.

Please feel free to visit our website at to browse our range of Climatic Packaging solutions or contact our Customer Support Team on 0161-976-2006 to discuss any of your requirements.

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Employee Development

At Protective Packaging Ltd we are committed to investing in our people and we aim to assist our employees in realising their potential.  Our departmental managers actively support and encourage employees to continually broaden their skill set and learn new ways of doing things to ensure continuous employee development.  In line with this the HR department at Protective Packaging Ltd is currently facilitating some internal training workshops for key staff from different departments.

We are looking forward to beginning the roll out of the training workshops throughout the month of December and then into the new year. Essentially Protective Packaging Ltd strives for continuous improvement and is dedicated to ensuring that our excellent and high quality customer service is maintained.

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Corrosion Prevention

corrosion-preventionHere at Protective Packaging we are proud of our flat and 3 dimensional barrier foil bags and liners which protect and preserve your product whether in transit or storage. Desiccant can be added to the bespoke liner to ensure no corrosion or damage to your product.

Do you need further assurance? Why not try Protective Packaging’s Shockwatch and Tiltwatch Indicators to ensure your valuable items don’t get mishandled.   Our Sales and Customer Services Team have a wealth of experience and are always on hand to advise for every type of application.

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