Buddy System Up & Running

2015 brings new opportunities and exciting avenues to explore. It also brings to Protective Packaging Ltd  a new innovative way of working.  Our Buddy System is up and running. The system ensures an even greater awareness of quality, deliverance of training and spreading of knowledge within our ranks. The system we have implemented will ensure all our employees grow in their respective roles and that all have a positive bearing on the greatest aspect of what we deliver on a daily basis…quality…..first time, every time!

Please visit our website to see what quality barrier foil laminate products we can supply you with today to satisfy your climatic packaging requirements.

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Take a Free Product Protection Health Check

“How are you protecting your products from moisture and oxygen damage?”  That’s the question Protective Packaging are asking our Customers and prospects,  then offering the facility of a “free health check” to find out exactly where product damage is occurring within their supply chain, how it can be eliminated, and how to take cost out.

Protective Packaging Ltd continue to review current packaging methods with companies within a wide range of industries, some who are experiencing product damage problems ranging from corrosion damageFoil Bags to metal goods and electronics, moisture/oxygen ingress, colour deterioration and odour transfer to powders and granules or damage caused by shock, tilt or vibration.

With a depth of knowledge and total, proven packaging solutions, Protective Packaging can totally eliminate product damage and reduce costs.



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We protect your products

At Protective Packaging Ltd we have a wide range of Aluminium Barrier Foils to protect your goods in transit.

If you need Machinery to be protected from Corrosion we can help.

If you need Resins to be protected from Moisture ingress we can help.

If you need any product to be  protected from Corrosion, Moisture, Odours, Mould & Fungi, UV light, Grease & Oils, Chemicals and Temperature extremes we can help.

We also have a wide range of consumable products to protect your goods from shock and vibration during transit octabin liner so please visit our website at www.protpack.com

Alternatively please contact one of our team members on 0161 976 2006 for assistance. We’re here to help to solve your packaging issues.


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Keeping Damp at Bay

Now that the cold winter weather is upon us,  I’m confident that there will be no damp issues in my new apartment with the use of  ProDriPole calcium chloride moisture absorbers within the wardrobes.   They’re really simple to use and once unpacked, the hook provided allows you to hang it in the area you want to protect from damp. It really is that easy!

ProDriPoles get to work straight-away and are designed to maximise the removal of excess moisture vapour from the air.  Simply leave ProDriPole in place until the liquid level reaches the join between the top and bottom part of the pole. Then disProDriPole Desiccant pose of and replace with a new pole.

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