Protective Packaging Bake Off!

Not only do we manufacture barrier foil bags and liners but we have the most talented cake maker within our Purchasing Department.

When Julie is not placing orders and monitoring the Protective Packaging stock levels  she loves nothing more than baking cakes and today she presented Laura from our Customer Support team with this amazing creation to celebrate her 30th birthday.

Congratulations and Happy Birthday to Laura, we hope you have a great day and a big thank you to Julie for the wonderful cake, we look forward to seeing you on “ The Great British Bake Off”?

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Keeping at The Forefront of the IT World

Information Technology at Protective Packaging Ltd is at the forefront and cutting edge of the IT world.   Here at Protective Packaging Ltd we use several stages to ensure all of our data is secure, safe, resilient and protected.  We have recently moved all of our Windows 2012 Servers into the virtualised world, with all data being stored on a SAN Drive Server Farm.  Designed specifically for Protective Packaging Ltd by DELL this cutting edge design means in the event of a disaster, a server will simply re-build itself and be back up and running within 5 minutes, all the data is centrally stored and backed up to the cloud every 15 minutes, and with our multi-layer security, our high security firewall, VPS and RDP authentication means our and your data is Protected.

Our unique, bespoke designed database controls all our data from Purchasing to Despatching products, this includes the calculation for manufacturing Foil Barrier Bags, the amount of material used and the time it will take to make.  During the past 10 years, the database has gone through many changes and development stages, and is the tool relied on by everyone for everybody’s job.  One of the more recent additions is the ability for the database to self-update, meaning everybody has the latest version all of the time.  A complicated encryption layer wraps the data structure keeping it as secure as if it were wrapped in one of our award winning barrier foils

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John Budden Memorial Award

We were all deeply saddened by the passing of our colleague John Budden back in April last year.

The John Budden Memorial  Shield and certificate.

The John Budden Memorial Shield and certificate.

John was so popular with everybody and such a respected member of the team that we created “ The John Budden Memorial Award”  for an  outstanding employee.  This award will be presented annually to an employee who constantly shows dedication and commitment to their role and goes that extra mile.

The award was presented for the first time today and the winning employee for 2014  is Steve Burrell , Warehouse Manager at Protective Packaging.

He  was nominated by several people within the company and the nominations clearly indicate that Steve is involved with every department in lots of ways, he’s happy to help anybody, be it delivering office paper to departments, solving business issues, taking control of situations within the warehouse or cheering everyone up with his cheeky banter, nothing appears to be too much trouble for him. He gives 100% to his role and everything he does, he is very well respected by his direct peers and lots of other people in the business.

Steve was visibly shocked when his name was called out and he is delighted and honoured  to be the first person to win this Award.  Congratulations Steve.

Steve Burrell receives the award for outstanding employee

Steve Burrell receives the award for outstanding employee



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