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As well as being leading manufacturers of high barrier climatic packaging solutions, Protective Packaging Ltd also offer a range of  services to help ensure that your products reach your customers in perfect condition. We can –

Foil Bags

Advise on the most suitable and effective bespoke barrier foil bag or liner design to work with your outer packaging format and packing process.

Calculate the correct amount of moisture adsorbing desiccant required for each barrier foil bag to cover the required time period and climate en route to, and at, the shipment’s destination.

Advise on the most appropriate means of monitoring impact damage to your goods caused by rough handling.

Visit your production and/or packing facility and work with you to develop an effective solution to your requirements.


Provide hand made replica barrier foil bag and liner samples for packaging trials.

Repair and maintain your Protective Packaging hand held heat sealer.

Hire out hand held heat sealers on a weekly rental basis.

Our Customer Support Team are always happy to help and advise you on any climatic protection packaging query

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Buddy System in Full Swing

The beginning of 2015 at Protective Packaging Ltd saw the introduction and implementation of our “Buddy” system aimed at further improving quality and efficiency whilst also driving forward the personal development of all our employees.

We are now approaching the end of quarter one and we, in the Finance department, have all been developing and actioning our own personal knowledge plans. We have all become both trainees and trainers, by broadening our working knowledge in areas outside our own specific job functions within Protective Packaging.  At the same time we are imparting some of our vast and varied knowledge and experience onto other members within the team.

Personally I am looking forward to the day when I venture into the Production department and gaining some hands-on experience of manufacturing our purpose made barrier foil bags and getting to grips with the extremely diverse range of foils that we offer to our customer base.

We can assist with all your climatic packaging needs. A member of our Customer Support department will be pleased to receive your call on 0161 976 2006 to discuss your specific requirements.

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Comic Relief Treat

I always like to have an excuse to make some cakes, so Comic Relief last Friday gave me the perfect opportunity to indulge my passion and at the same time raise some money for this very worthy cause.  I brought in several different cakes and placed them in the canteen at 10am so that staff could buy them when they took a break from their busy day making barrier foil bags and taking customer calls.  I am very pleased to report that we raised £68. Thanks to everyone who purchased the cakes, I hope you enjoyed eating them as much as I enjoyed making them.

Comic relief cakes 2
Comic relief cakes 1

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