Nearly a Year Now

I’ve been a member of the Customer Support Team at Protective Packaging Foil Bags for almost a year now.  During that time I’ve absorbed an extensive knowledge about laminated barrier foil and the technology behind it, from pouches for pet treats to barrier foil bags to protect jet engines.

Once the item is protected in our barrier foil laminate it doesn’t stop there, our extensive range of consumable products will ensure the item reaches its destination with the care and protection it deserves.    It could be our Shockwatch or Tip’n’ Tell indicators which will indicate if your product has been mishandled.  It could be our waterproof Case Lining material which gives the goods that extra protection from the elements, or our extensive range of desiccant that keeps the items inside our barrier foil laminates, dry for the duration of the storage and shipment of your items.

My knowledge of our fantastic range of barrier laminates and the technology behind it will continue to grow and evolve just like our product range here at Protective Packaging.

Ian Tarry

Customer Support


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Shockwatch demands attention

A Shockwatch label on a carton cannot be ignored because it provides immediate evidence of mishandling by the carrier. Shockwatch is now the single most recognised “Handle with Care” label in the world and regardless of the language, the message is universal: DON’T MISHANDLE THIS SHIPMENT.

Shockwatch features a tiny liquid-filled glass tube housed in a self-adhesive label.  If a carton bearing a Shockwatch label is dropped or roughly handled, the Shockwatch reacts instantly.  The liquid in the tube changes from clear to bright red, providing indisputable evidence that excessive impact has occurred.

Available in different colours in accordance with the size and weight of the package, a selection chart indicates the correct label you need, and our Customer Support team will gladly help you work out the right one for your consignment.

We can also supply Tiltwatch which is an alternative device that shows if the package has been tipped or mishandled.

To be sure your valuable goods arrive at their destination in the same condition as when they left you, contact our sales office today for further information and prices.

Julie Screeton
Purchasing Department

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Another Day, Another Solution

When you hear people say no two phone calls are the same, that is literally the case when you work in the Sales and Customer Support department at Protective Packaging.  I was recently contacted by a customer who had been asked to quote for loading second hand machines into 40 foot containers for export to China. There was no budget for barrier foil bags or cases so could we suggest an option to prevent corrosion.

I asked the customer if he was aware of our ProDriPole container desiccant product. These are specifically designed for use in a partly open environment such as a shipping container and are a low cost and easy to use option. They hang on the container wall and are shaped to fit into the recesses. For a 20ft container you would need 4 – 6 poles and for a 40ft container 6 – 12 poles dependant upon the nature of the cargo and the length of the sea voyage

The customer was extremely happy with our solution and I was happy to move onto the next interesting but very different request.

Caroline Davies
Strategic Sales Executive


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Buddy Training System teaches old dogs new tricks !

Our Buddy Training System is designed to pass on the knowledge and skills acquired by those within Protective Packaging Ltd who have collectively accumulated many years of experience within the packaging industry.

The training often involves those with the benefit of that experience holding training sessions with the newer members of staff and people working in other departments, to pass on that knowledge in an interesting and easily digestible format, such as playing out real scenarios and doing quizzes. Joint visits to see customer applications are also useful. As a sales person, this Trainer role has been an enjoyable experience for me and very rewarding when I see the inherited knowledge I pass on to my colleagues being put to use.

However this is an industry which by it’s nature must constantly evolve, so we can never stop suggesting, trying and developing new ideas to maintain our position as a leader in our sector.

To that end I will soon be trained by Anthony Skelly in our production department, to advance my understanding of our barrier foil pouch, bag and liner conversion techniques. Not only will this enhance my knowledge of what is possible so I can work with our customers to supply the right product quickly and efficiently, but I hope to be inspired to come up with new ideas to enable us to continue providing bespoke climatic packaging solutions for even the most challenging of applications.



Foil Pouch

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