New projects

We will soon be approaching the half way point of the year here at Protective Packaging ltd. As the production manager I have seen continuous growth in the business, no more so than on our hand fabricated side of the company.

The year so far has seen plenty of new customers and new designs of our foil bags. This has involved all shapes and sizes of our foil pouches being fabricated to accommodate our customer’s needs. Here at PPL we relish the challenge of taking on new projects with the end result being a new liner which is used for all types of applications in many industry sectors.

With many new projects in the pipe line including some new style Mylar bags©, I am sure the second half of the year is going to be just as exciting. I look forward to being involved in even more exciting projects for our Barrier foil packaging.

Paul Inglis


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Our customers make our business great

Here at Protective Packaging we pride ourselves in delivering superb customer service.

We understand that it is our relationships with our customers that makes our business great and understanding their business helps us satisfy their packaging needs. Our customer support team is constantly evolving and progressing so that we may improve on the already high standards we have set ourselves.

With this in mind we have recently recruited a new member of staff to help bolster our already experienced customer support team.

We are pleased to welcome our new customer support team member Joanna Laverty. Joanna is already in full swing helping our customers with the enquiries for aluminium foil bags, desiccants and other packaging enquiries.

Joanna has already settled in quickly and has started to build relationships with many of our customers.

Laura Potts

Customer Support


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Powder & Bulk Solids, Conference & Exhibition

As part of our relationship with 3D Barrier bags based in Orlando, Florida. We recently exhibited for them at the Powder & Bulk Solids Exhibition in Rosemont, Chicago.

The exhibition was attended by companies from a wide variety of industries. Including Pharmaceutical, food, Polymer, F.I.B.C manufacturers, general plastics, chemicals and flavourings. The list is endless. Our stand attracted a lot of attention because our range of products are applicable to all these industries. Our climatic packaging solutions protect against UV light, Oxygen ingress, odour, moisture vapour and temperature extremes. Therefore we become very relevant to a broad range of industries and applications.

We were there to exhibit our range of converted barrier foils. Products we showcased were Mylar bags, F.I.B.C liners, Gaylord box liners, round bottom drum liners, 25KG sacks, Octabin liners and Heat sealers.

It was a busy 3 days and we hope that we have generated plenty of good business for our colleagues.


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No minimum or maximum orders here at Protective Packaging Ltd

We pride ourselves in delivering what our customers need so we have no minimum or maximum orders here at Protective Packaging Ltd.

We have an order of 100 Tiltwatch Indicators leaving us today which will fit into a box about half the size of a normal shoe box and will weigh approximately 2 kilos.

Our customer uses these Indicators on the outside of the packing case to indicate any damage in transit so the receiver can see without opening the case if there has been a problem during the journey from A to B.

This customer manufactures very sensitive scientific machinery which has already been packed in one of our Barrier Foil Bags complete with Desiccant to protect it during its journey to its final destination.

We have an order on shipping next week for 21,000 Barrier Foil Bags which when ready to be shipped will be in 35 full pallet boxes in a 40 ft container with a total of approx 136,500 m2 and weighing nearly 14,000 kilos in total.

We also have an order on shipping next week for 200 Barrier Foil Tubes which will be packed by a Pharmaceutical customer on a form fill seal machine.

The order is for a total of 84,000 linear metres of material and is the second order for this customer this year.This order will be shipped in 20 pallets in a 40 ft container and the total weight will be approx 5000 kilos.

As you can see we are very flexible so please see our website at for our full range of products.


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