Bag yourself the Trophy

The Euros are in full swing, with countries from all over Europe taking part. Our Euro 2016 wall chart is over half way to completion.  Our Sales and Customer Support team here at Protective Packaging are in constant contact with customers from the majority of the nations participating.

Whether it’s our laminated barrier foil bags you are after or our wide range of consumable products like our blue case lining, shockwatch indicators or skidmates. Don’t forget a barrier foil bag is not complete without a heat sealer and requires one like Wales need Gareth Bale.
It’s all still very much in the open. If you’re the favourites or the underdog there is still a good chance you could bag yourself the trophy.

Ian Tarry


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What do you get

What do you get if you;

  • -Select one of our UK Def Stan 81-75/3 Type 1 barrier foil laminates
  • -Use the British Standard formula (BS1133 section 19) to calculate the correct amount of conforming desiccant.
  • -Allow our experienced customer support team to advise you & process your enquiry
  • -Allow our quality driven production team to manufacture your requirement in quick time

You get a tailor made, cost effective solution to all your Climatic Packaging needs.

100_7805 - Copy

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Aiming High Together

We have a flourishing night shift here at Protective Packaging Ltd, which is now well into its second year and busier than ever.  Although we are a small team, we do a great deal to reinforce the efforts of the overall hand fab team.  This focus on teamwork aids in our continued success as market leaders.

There is nothing more important than the focus on quality when it comes to our business and, as such, there is a continual drive to keep standards high.  This ensures that all our customer’s climatic packaging needs are met with the high standard they are accustomed to.

As supervisor of the night shift, I have been tasked with assisting our quality department, taking on more of the hands on Q.C. inspections.  I am thoroughly enjoying being an “honorary” member of the quality team and eagerly anticipate further development in this area.

Donna Byrne

Foil Bags

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Flexibility is key

Here at Protective Packaging we offer very short lead times on almost all of our bespoke manufactured barrier foil products, with no minimum order quantity.

At the other end of the scale. Where larger quantities of machine made barrier foil 3 dimensional bags, liners, flat bags or pouches are required. Over an agreed period of time we can often offer a stock hold for call off service against a covering purchase order. In this way high volumes can be manufactured more efficiently while the customer’s cash flow is assisted because our invoices are issued on the day of despatch for each customer call off.

That really is getting the best of both worlds.


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What is in our name?

P Pro Dri Poles
R Reliable service
O Octabin liners
T Thermal insulating foil
E Express delivery
C Custom made to your measurements
T Tubing
I ISO 9001:2008 creditation
V Vacuum sealers
E Eliminate corrosion


Protective Packaging Limited for all your packaging needs.  Please contact our Customer Support team on 0161 976 2006 who will be pleased to discuss your requirements.

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