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Since joining Protective Packaging last month, I have learnt an awful lot about barrier foil and climatic packaging products. I never knew there was so much to it.

From Box Bags to FIBC Sacks and Drum Liners to Pouches, every day there is something else to be embraced, with each grade of laminate serving a different purpose and being suited to meeting specific objectives in respect to what it is protecting.

It is not just our barrier foil products to keep abreast of though, with our extensive range of consumable products complementing them perfectly.

Our desiccants and ProDriPoles to ensure any moisture vapour is adsorbed and absorbed respectively, to ShockWatch and Tip’n’Tell’s warning you of any potential bumps and scrapes your shipment may have encountered.

Here at Protective Packaging Ltd, all of your requirements are catered for.



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An Introduction

Since Joining Protective Packaging Ltd in March 2016 I have learnt a great deal about the company. Including the products and services we provide.

 As the HR Manager, it is my responsibility to ensure all new employees are inducted into the business. All employees are given an in depth training plan which involves an introduction of our three units on site and our products. Products such as the Barrier Foil Laminates that we convert into Round Bottom Drum Liners, Foil Bags and Pouches. We also offer a range of consumables such as Desiccant, Blue Case Lining and Shock Watch Indicators.

 At induction all employees are advised of the Quality Standard expected by Protective Packaging. Being ISO 9001:2008 certified, as a Company we recognise that quality is the responsibility of every single employee. We always seek to exceed customer expectations.

As a company we have an ethos that we work together as a team to achieve the best results for our Customers!

 Alison Goth


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Here at Protective Packaging Ltd we are undergoing a Visual Improvement Plan to our premises. A part of the Visual Improvement is new signs created for all our units:


Automated & Reception:

Where we manufacture our 2D and 3D aluminium barrier foil bags and drum liners in volume.



Where we despatch all our goods, stock hold our expansive range of barrier foils and our consumable products from desiccant sachets, Shockwatch Indicators to Blue Case Lining.


Hand Fabrication:

Where we manufacture by hand your aluminium barrier foil 2D and 3D bags, these hand made bags can be made to any size from a small pouch to hold resins / pellets to large bags to pack machines for shipment or storage.

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