Knowledge is Key

I’ve worked in the automated production unit (BFM) for nearly 16 years. I overlook all aspects of the automated process from running pouches on our Joey machine to running 3D barrier bags on BFM 1 and tubes on BFM 2. In the automated production unit we manufacture everything from drum liners to spouted FIBC liners.

In the BFM room knowledge is key. We have 6 operators that have a combined 75 years service to Protective Packaging ltd. We all have the same frame of mind, we like getting the job done  and most importantly right first time.


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Unusual requests.

We supply one of our customers with an Aluminium Barrier Foil Liner fitted inside a Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container ( FIBC ). They recently requested if we could colour code the FIBC so they can see straight away from a distance what product is stored in the warehouse without having to check the small label they fit once the pack is completed. We gave him the option of colour stencilling the panel of the bag or actually attaching a coloured ribbon to easily identify the product – Another happy customer.

You would think our customer would not want any holes in their Aluminium Barrier Foil Bags. We were given a task to put holes in the top of the Bag so the equipment inside could be lifted easily through the Aluminium Barrier Foil. We designed a closing system using our Kwikstick tape and also supplied a repair patch to go over the hole – Simple but effective so another happy customer.

The Kwikstick can be used on bolt holes through the material to hold equipment down in a packing case or actually along an edge of a Bag to seal it where a Constant Heat Sealer cannot be used.

For anymore information please contact our customer support team.


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Thermal Packaging


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Automated Production

I am currently in my 26th year at Protective Packaging Ltd, after operating as the Production Manager for a number of years I have recently been promoted to Operations Support Manager. One of my key objectives during 2016 is to oversee the implementation of the VIP (Visual Improvement Plan) that was formulated during the end of last year. As part of the plan, we have very recently had the floor in our automated production unit redecorated using epoxy resin. Not only will this continue to ensure that our customers receive a great product at all times, but the unit looks and performs to the same high level as our 2D pouches, 3D barrier foil laminate bags, FIBC liners, drum liners and all other climatic packaging we produce here at our site in Sale, Cheshire  . Additionally we have invested in a number of other aspects of the room to give the whole unit a much needed re-vamp. The automated production unit is now at the highest standard I have witnessed in all of my 26 years of service at Protective Packaging Ltd.



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Being at protective packaging and working in the Hand fabrication department for 12 years I have learnt to make many different types of barrier foil bags. From flat bags, 3D box bags, drum and FIBC liners.

I have also enjoyed learning what they are used for.

Another aspect of being the production Supervisor that I enjoy is being fortunate to see many people progressing within the company and turning into excellent, reliable production operatives.



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