Printed Barrier Foil Laminates supplied on the roll.

Are you considering automating your barrier foil packaging process ? Protective Packaging Ltd can supply a wide range of laminated barrier foil specifications, printed to your bespoke requirements. We can manufacture the laminate of your choice with your print ‘reverse’ applied behind the outermost clear polymer layer, so that it is completely protected from scuffing, abrasion, solvents etc.

We offer a complete technical advice and sampling service from the initiation of your ‘form fill & seal’ packing project to the point of full production runs and beyond. The barrier foil can be supplied on rolls with exactly the right width and length you need. And if none of the variety of  high barrier foil laminate materials in our range exactly match the requirements of your application, we will work with you to develop one to your own specification.

You can have a barrier foil which is right for you, printed to advertise your company and product and we even offer a stock hold service, meaning you can have it exactly when you need it.

Give us a call or send an email to and we’ll make it easy for you


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Product Launch of SHOCKWATCH® 2 – Premature activation? Problem solved

Shockwatch® indicators provide a valuable means of determining the condition of the goods at every stage of the distribution chain and provide a very visible deterrent to mishandling . Shockwatch® is an impact detection device which fixes directly to the outside of shipping cartons. The label contains a tiny vial filled with a special liquid which turns from clear to bright red if the package is roughly handled.

We now have the new & improved version of the Shockwatch® indicator available from stock – Shockwatch®2

The key benefit of this new & improved version is that Shockwatch® 2 will not activate during shipment from Protective Packaging to the customer or indeed from our customer to their ultimate end-user. The Shockwatch®2 can only be activated at the point of use by the removal of protective backing label at the reverse of the device. This backing label must be removed to render the device fixable to the packaging to be monitored. This ultimately  makes the transportation of the product to the end-user simple and ensures ease of handling and deployment, whilst significantly lowering the carriage charges associated with the product’s distribution.

It is now possible to ship the product via a standard parcel carrier rather than the previous need to ship on a specially protected pallet with a dedicated forwarder. Each individual Shockwatch® 2 is also serialised and the corresponding serial number can be written on the shipping documents eliminating the need to put one inside the case as well as on the outside as tampering with or replacing the device is no longer possible

The Shockwatch®2 is available from stock with a MOQ of 100 pieces. Please contact our Customer Support team if you require any further information.


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3rd Quarter

The 3rd quarter of the year here at Protective Packaging has just passed, leading us nicely into the run up to Christmas. This last quarter has been a very productive one with all staff being fully immersed in our training scheme. This has included production staff showing customer support how to make box bag liners and flat bags, production showing  the accounts department how we use our hand heat sealers  and the quality department passing on their knowledge of inspecting our bags. This has created a more flexible and knowledgeable workforce. All our staff, armed with their new skills and understanding of our operations are implementing their new found knowledge in their specific roles here at Protective Packaging.

Paul I

Foil Bags

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