Why use an Aluminium Barrier Foil Drum Liner?

Do you produce or manufacture atmospherically-sensitive products and use Drums or Pails during your processing? They are a popular solution for the packaging of adhesives and sealants, particularly reactive hot melts, specialty chemicals, colorants, pharmaceuticals, plastic resins and compounds.

Some of these applications can create cleanliness issues and contamination during processing meaning that your company has to either dispose of the Drums or Pails securely or for them to be sterilised before they are reused which both have associated costs. As well as this many drums or pails do not protect your products from Moisture or Oxygen Ingress. Because of this, we introduced the manufacture of Aluminium Barrier Foil Drum Liners.

Round-Bottom Drum and Pail Liners act like flexible steel cans and can be manufactured to suit all sizes of Pails and Drums to ensure complete climatic protection due to the Aluminium Barrier Foil material.

What are the benefits of Round-Bottom Drum & Pail Liners?

– Allows Drum reusability and Drum cleanliness
– Provides the possibility to downgrade your drums to fibre or corrugate
– Product waste is reduced as liner strips easily away from the products
– Suitable for hot-fill products up to 160°C
– Food Contact Approved and Static Dissipative Materials Available
– Maintains the product’s moisture content and eliminates the need to
Re-dry prior to further processing

Round Bottom Drum and Pail liners manufactured out of Aluminium Barrier Foil can offer your company cost-effective solutions to the packing and shipping of your moisture sensitive applications.

If you would like any further information on this product range or our service then please contact us through our contact page here.

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Halloween Company Lunch

As discussed in my earlier blog ‘Independence Day at Protective Packaging!’ we have a Social Committee responsible for organising the companies’ social events including our quarterly company lunch!


It’s important for us to have these quarterly company lunches because it gives us a chance for us all get together, reflect on the previous quarter and for employees to be rewarded for their efforts and achievements, as well as give us the excuse to play a game of Bingo and eat a large lunch from Gabbotts Farm!


We have just enjoyed our Halloween party which was yet another huge success! Even though we couldn’t encourage our employees to enjoy fancy dress due to Health and Safety regulations we didn’t let that put us off, cob webs were hung over the windows, pumpkins carved, scary decorations hung and a smoke machine added to the effect!

The party was filled with a game of Halloween Bingo and ring toss over the witch’s hat where all proceeds raised will be donated to our charity of the year, Wood Street Mission. Finally, the party was concluded with our nominated employees receiving their employee of the month reward, super suggestion Rewards and employee of the quarter reward!











This quarter I would also like to say a big thank you on behalf of the Social committee to our HR Manager, Debbie for bringing in lots of scary decorations, including the smoke machine!


We hope that you enjoyed Halloween as much as we did. Keep an eye out for our last company lunch of 2017!


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Knowledge is Power

I’ve been with Protective Packaging Ltd for 14 years now and as they have grown, my knowledge of the business and the industry has grown with it!


My role began making barrier foil bags in the hand fabrication department where we make a range of different barrier foil bags which can be as large as an ISO Container! Today, I train other employees on how to make Barrier Foil Bags and the best techniques to use as well as learn about how other departments are run so that I can further expand my knowledge of the business.


Each quarter each employee receives their own personal key performance indicators which are sometimes accompanied by a training buddy. This is to make sure that gaps in employees knowledge base are addressed and everyone is given the opportunity to learn as much as they can about the business. If we meet our key performance indicators we are rewarded with a bonus at the end of each quarter for our efforts, which is a great benefit!


Even though I have been here for 14 years there is still plenty for me to learn because the business adapts and changes processes each day to keep improving. This is why I also still receive key performance indicators and my personal key performance indicator this quarter is to learn how the BFM unit works, particularly how the BFM1, BFM2 & Joey machines operate so that I am able to set them up to run bags in the future if needed but also gain an understanding of the BFM departments day to day processes.

Protective Packaging Ltd adapts and changes processes each day to keep improving so even though I have been here for 14 years, there is still plenty for me to learn. My personal key performance indicator this quarter is to learn how the BFM unit works, particularly how the BFM1, BFM2 & Joey machine operate so that I am able to set them up to run bags in the future if needed but also gain an understanding of the BFM departments day to day processes.


It’s great that Protective Packaging Ltd encourage invaluable knowledge to be fed through all of their employees, to not only give them the best opportunities for career progression but to also ensure that our customers get the most accurate and informative advice on the best barrier foil packaging format for their products.


If you would like to learn more about Protective Packaging Ltd and their products then please give us a call on 0161 976 2006 or email info@protpack.com


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No More Mould!

After recently buying our first home, it’s safe to say I was less than impressed to find damp earlier this year in our newly fitted built-in wardrobes!

After starting here at Protective Packaging, I decided to invest in a Dampstick.

So far it has been hung in the Wardrobe for 5 weeks, I have been weighing it every couple of weeks and keeping track of how much water it has collected.

The starting weight of a Dampstick is 1.5kg. After the first 2 weeks, it was weighing in at 2kg! After a further 3 weeks, it now weighs over 2.5kg.

My pictures below show just how much water has been collected in just 5 weeks. And no sign of damp or mould whatsoever!


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