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About Us

Established in Manchester in 1988, Protective Packaging Ltd has grown to become a world-leading packaging supplier of climatic packaging solutions to manufacturers in a wide variety of industries. Producing the highest quality barrier foil bags on the market.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 accredited manufacturer specialising in total climatic packaging solutions to prevent moisture damage whilst reducing supply chain costs – manufacturing a range of aluminium barrier foil liners from F.I.B.C’s and drums to 2 and 3-dimensional bags. All aspects of quality from raw materials to final heat seals are controlled to ensure the right products each and every time.

Together with our sister company, 3D Barrier Bags Inc. we became the only company in its field with manufacturing capabilities on either side of the Atlantic, allowing us to serve your global needs.

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Aluminium Barrier Foil

Aluminium barrier foil protects any product from deterioration due to moisture, oxygen ingress, UV light, temperature extremes, odours and much more.

The performance of aluminium barrier laminates is determined by their Moisture Vapour Transmission rate (W.V.T.R.), which at <0.01gm/m²/24hr for the laminate itself and less than <0.05gm/m²/24hrs for converted laminate, is lower than any known flexible packaging material.

To compare, polyethylene, with a thickness of 125um, allows water vapour and aggressive gases to diffuse at a rate of up to 4gms/m²/24hr which is 80 times faster!

Within a heat-sealed aluminium barrier foil bag, a calculated amount of desiccant can be added to ensure that the relative humidity (RH) remains well below 40% – the starting point for corrosion. A 25um layer of aluminium even improves on these figures.

Our Products

Efficient protection of your goods with our protective packaging range!
Protective Packaging Ltd was founded upon a capability to understand the threats placed on the stability and integrity of your products during storage and transit and the ability to develop and manufacture the appropriate climatic packaging solutions designed to counteract these problems.

The benefits of barrier foil packaging ensure the protection of many applications from the detrimental effects of moisture, oxygen, UV light and odour transfer. No matter how big or small the product, whether it’s a one-off requirement or high volume, the Protective Packaging name has become synonymous with quality and peace of mind, which only come through understanding the products we protect and the properties of the materials available to us.

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