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25kg Sacks and Handheld Heat Sealers

Protective Packaging Ltd are regularly contacted by customers who are experiencing issues with their moisture and oxygen sensitive products that are arriving with their customers in an unacceptable condition. We have a simple solution. We can offer a 25kg sack from stock that will provide all the features required to ensure that your product will be stored and delivered in optimal condition. The inner PE layer is approved for contact with food and drugs.

Our 25kg sacks are made from a heat sealable barrier foil and include a one way de-gassing valve. The sack is suitable for dried formulations such as powders, granules and flakes. The one way de-gassing valve allows for the release of any trapped residual air and gas build up and also improves pallet stability during shipment and storage.

The 25kg sacks are manufactured from a heavy duty laminate to achieve a superior tear and puncture resistance. The outer layer of the laminate is an anti-slip polyester film which again allows for enhanced pallet stability.

The sacks are packed in boxes of 100 or pallet quantities of 2,000 and we can provide an immediate quotation for the quantity required. Samples are also available and can be despatched same day upon request.

In conjunction with the 25kg sacks you will also require a constant heat portable sealing unit used to achieve effective and hermetic seals on aluminium barrier foil and thermoplastics. Our handheld heat sealer has a sealing width of 12mm and is available in 20cm, 30cm, 40cm and 50cm jaw lengths. The heat sealer can be supplied with a power supply of 110V or 240V and is used to achieve the desired final seal on the sack.

The handheld heat sealers provides accurate temperature control plus a ribbed jaw surface for easy identification of seal integrity and are the very same sealers that we use in our own manufacturing units.

We offer an after sales service for the sealers, which includes repair, loan and rental options.

If you would like any further information on the 25kg sacks, heat sealers or any of our products then please contact the Customer Support department on 0161 976 2006 and they will be happy to assist.

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