Protective Packaging Limited

30 Years of Continuous Quality Accreditation

Here at Protective Packaging we are delighted to be celebrating 30 years of continuous certified quality accreditation. Historically as BS5750 to its current equivalent ISO 9001:2015. ISO is a globally recognised standard that enables us to improve efficiency and effectiveness while having more control over our processes. This in turn gives us the ability to enact growth and increase our customer confidence allowing us to expand our customer base. It demonstrates our commitment as a company to quality and outstanding service.

We are proud of our Quality Management System which has given us the springboard to continually strive for improvements. Whether it is product quality improvements, process efficiency, waste reduction or exceeding our customer expectations, we believe our 30 years trust in an accredited, world renowned QMS has allowed us to expand our opportunities in the packaging world.  It is without doubt a fundamental element that has allowed the company to grow and ultimately, being in a position to open up a sister company in the USA which has mirrored PPL`s systems and procedures.

We appreciate the importance of enhancing Supplier – Customer relationships. Without the full supply chain working in unison, the full achievement of our Targets and Objectives of the QMS could not be realised.  We always regard our suppliers and customers as partners and collaborate in their improvement aspirations.

We recognise that for the effectiveness of Quality Management System our company’s employees are our greatest assets. Protective Packaging Ltd fosters an ethos of inspiring all our staff to contribute to our success. Everyone is encouraged to become involved with improvements and the introduction of changes and amendments.

Here’s to another 30 years of quality accreditation, providing outstanding quality climatic packaging solutions tailored to our customers specific needs.

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