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A Closer Look at Corrosion Prevention Packaging

What is Corrosion Prevention Packaging

Corrosion prevention packaging is packaging that offers protection to whatever is packaged within it against the effects of corrosion. The ProtPack range of vapour barrier laminate products has the capability to protect your contents against any moisture ingress. This is both during the storage and transportation process. The products themselves are fabricated with an aluminium inner layer. As a result, it offers the highest levels of protection against the damage that can be caused by moisture and corrosion.

Our packaging solutions can be of vital importance for any company that manufactures goods that are highly sensitive in nature. This includes parts for the automotive industry, different electronic parts, engineering equipment, and scientific equipment. It is also incredibly beneficial to those companies who work in the field of telecommunications for defence equipment. Corrosion prevention packaging comes in a range of different forms and sizes, to suit different types of products.

What are the Benefits of Corrosion Prevention Packaging?

There are significant benefits to be gained from using this form of packaging that has been specifically designed for corrosion prevention. Barrier foil offers the lowest known oxygen transmission and water vapour rates of any form of flexible material that you will find.

Barrier Foil is made up of three or four layers of different materials that are glued or extruded together. The Aluminium layer is a critical component of laminates, as it can be used in a wide range of applications. It safeguards the integrity of any application where the packed product may deteriorate.

Consequently, it not only ensures that whatever is packed in it is provided total climactic protection, but also prevents the effects of corrosion. In comparison to polyethene, this type of packaging allows water vapour to diffuse at a much slower rate; 80 times slower in fact.

The benefits of this lower rate of water vapour diffusion mean that product damage is eliminated, allowing goods to arrive in the state they leave your premises. When a desiccant is added to the packaging the corrosion protection that is offered to the products packaged inside is boosted.

The desiccant helps to ensure that the relative humidity in the package is kept below 40%. This is the starting point at which corrosion can begin. Taking these two steps together means that you are at a reduced risk of your products getting to customers in poor conditions. Damaged goods can cause customer dissatisfaction, and you would not want this to occur repeatedly to avoid losing your customers. As a result, this can ultimately lead to a loss in revenue, particularly if your competitors get a hang of these issues.

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