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Aluminium Barrier Foil Liners protect Hygroscopic Polymers and Resins

Protective Packaging Ltd.’s custom aluminium foil bags and liners are a powerful solution to protecting atmospherically sensitive products in a variety of industries. One particular product is hygroscopic polymers and resins that require protection from moisture and oxygen ingress.

Hygroscopic vs Non-Hygroscopic

Hygroscopic Resins and Polymers have a strong affinity to attract moisture and will absorb moisture onto their molecular structure if exposed to ambient air whereas non-hygroscopic (hygrophobic) resins and polymers do not have an affinity for moisture and any moisture collected is not adsorbed.

Hygroscopic Resins and Polymers that do adsorb moisture then need to be dried before they can be further processed; this is a costly and time-consuming exercise.

Our aluminium barrier foil laminates are excellent for hygroscopic polymers and resins that require barrier protection against Moisture and Oxygen. These include Nylon-6 and other Polyamides, Polycarbonate, PBT, PET, ABS, acrylic, urethanes, and many other long-chain polymers.

The inner layer of aluminium, allows barrier foil laminates to provide the lowest water vapour transmission rate of any flexible material, providing the ultimate, total climatic protection.

Many of our customers that manufacture polymers and resins tend to opt for our Box Liners, Round Bottom Drum Liners or Octabin Liners due to the shipping efficiency of these outer containers and the climatic protection when combined with one of our liners.

Our custom Box and Octabin liners are manufactured to fit the inner dimensions of any sized Box or Octabin and can be formed open-top or with filling spouts to facilitate closed-system filling and provide a reduction in sealing time. Our Round Bottom Drum Liners come in a variety of stock sizes and flared design to facilitate easy cuffing.

Key Benefits:

  • Original product characteristics maintained within tolerance.
  • No minimum order quantity, a variety of on the shelf stock liners.
  • Laminates available with absolute Zero transmission rates.
  • Anti-Static laminates are available.
  • ISO 9001:2015 accredited manufacturers.

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