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Bespoke Bags For Export Packers

The way many Export Packers pack goods that are sensitive to moisture has changed thanks to  aluminium barrier foil packaging.

Our aluminium barrier foil bags for Export Packers are traditionally manufactured in our hand fabrication facilities. We recently received a request from one of our long served customer to produce a bag for packing an electrical Tug that looks like a pallet truck.


Image of Electrical Tug


To the customer, making a 3-dimensional bag for the unusually shaped machine seemed very complicated. But not for Protective Packaging. We design bespoke bag shapes on a regular basis and there is no bag too difficult for our production team. All we need are the dimensions of the product that needs packing and we will design the most effective bag in the most efficient method available.

We provide technical drawings and design consultation with the customer to confirm how the goods are going to be packed, sealed and assembled inside the wooden case for transportation. Once barrier foil has been hermetically sealed, it is extremely effective at preventing corrosion due to its low vapour transmission rates.

This particular design for this project regarding the electrical Tug we named a Train Bag due to the shape of the machine being similar to that of a steam train engine. The bag consisted of two parts – the bottom tray, to which the machine was placed within and the top bag that covered the machine and then heat sealed both parts together with the correctly calculated grams of desiccant inside.

When shipping products overseas certain goods will require a physical Customs Inspection. This has included the opening of the sealed barrier foil bag, which in turn can spoil the goods inside, especially those products that are prone to corrosion.


Image of Wooden Case


To overcome this we can install a clear window panel within our bags so that Customs can inspect what is inside without the need to open the bag and compromising the protection of the goods.

Another smart feature that Export Packers can benefit from is our Humidity Indicator that can be screw-fitted within our foil bag so that the level of humidity inside can be monitored removing the need to open the bag. The level and monitoring of humidity inside the foil bag is critical as it needs to be kept below 38% (relative humidity), which is the starting point for corrosion to occur. With the use of the official BSI calculations we will also advise and supply the correct amount of desiccant required to fully protect your goods in transit and storage.

Furthermore, the Desiccant Packs, Handheld Heat Sealers, Cushioning and other consumable items are available at Protective Packaging and all relevant for Export Packers in their day to day business.

We offer a wide range of aluminium barrier foil 2 and 3-dimensional bags, rolls, pouches, sheets and ISO container liners that can all  be customised to the specific requirements, with no minimum order quantities, short lead times and a dedicated team that is happy to work with you and your project.



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