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Bespoke Barrier Foil Packaging for Power Distribution Cabinets

Here at Protective Packaging, we produce climatic packaging for a wide range of items, one of them being power distribution cabinets. Power distribution cabinets, when shipped for export, can experience corrosion-related issues during the processes of transit and storage which is where the requirement for a foil bags comes in. By using a foil bag, you can eliminate product damage caused by moisture ingress which means your power distribution cabinet will stay in the same condition from being packed all the way through to its arrival at the final destination.

Our foil bags can be made to any size you require and we also have a wide range of bag styles available which would be perfect for packing power distribution cabinets. One of the most common bag styles for this application would be a box bag with a loose base sheet. This bag style would require you to lay the base sheet flat on the base of the pallet and then the power distribution cabinet will be placed on top. Once this is done, the top of the bag is pulled over the machine following which the two parts can then be hermetically sealed together.

Imag eof Barrier Bags Options

Why should you consider using a foil bag for shipping and storage?

  1. Eliminates product damage caused by moisture ingress.
  2. Protects the product from moisture / oxygen ingress due to the inner layer of aluminium combined with the correct amount of desiccant for your shipping / storage time.
  3. Foil bags are quick and easy to use providing a full climatic packaging solution.


Humidity Indicators

Humidity Indicators are a great addition to foil bags as they are easily fitted in to the bags and allow anyone to monitor the different levels of humidity during transit and storage without having to open the bag which would result in the bag being ineffective. Our humidity indicators come in a clock style display at 11.5cm in diameter measuring humidity levels from 40% all the way up to 80%.


Desiccant is commonly used in addition with foil bags as they adsorb any residual water vapour which is inside the bag. When making the bags, we will request how many months the product will be required to stay within the bag and from that, we are able to work out the exact amount of desiccant which will be required.

Heat sealers

For full effectiveness, it is essential that the foil bag is hermetically sealed. We offer a handheld heat sealer which has a jaw length of 30cm and is compatible with all grades of our barrier foil. This means if you wish to change the grade of barrier foil you are using, the handheld heat sealer will still provide the same level of high quality hermetic seal.

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