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Case Study: Dazed Media

Following the launch of Dazed Beauty, we were delighted to be given the opportunity to work on the packaging of their first print manifestation, Issue 0, that hit the shelves at limited book shops worldwide this year.

Dazed Beauty is the latest venture from Dazed Media which is dedicated to “redefining the language and communications of beauty”. Dazed Media first began back in 1991 when founding editors Jefferson Hack and fashion photographer Rankin set up the magazine, Dazed & Confused.

Over the years Dazed Media has built a reputation for publishing stories that use creativity to empower young people, setting trends in motion, redefining the status quo and championing humanitarian causes.

Issue 0 follows on from their ‘choose a player’ campaign that reimagines the future of beauty and is described as ‘kind of like the de facto Dazed Beauty Primer; a physical version of their weird and wonderful virtual world, a celebration of their launch theme: the future of beauty in all their many guises’.

The Concept…

Dazed Beauty contacted us about our Aluminium Barrier Foil Flat Bags as they wanted to protect Issue 0 within a packaging that went against the grain further propelling their reasoning behind Dazed Beauty, but also supported their ‘future of beauty in all their many guises’ theme.

As this was a completely new project our Trainee Commercial Manager, Sebastian Lingwood arranged for some samples to be manufactured to their specifications and sent over to them the same day for them to have a physical look at their concept.

Back to the Drawing Board…

After Dazed Media had analysed the flat bags they reported that they were extremely happy with the quality, commenting that they had received many samples so far and this was the best, but unfortunately they came across a problem the flat bags also covered up the purchase barcodes deeming them unfit for purchase without removing the magazine from the packaging before purchasing!

Sebastian agreed to travel down to London and meet with the team to discuss other possible options and demonstrate the use of our heat sealers. There they decided that incorporating a window of our clear PPCC1 material into the flat bags that reveals the barcode or Flat Bags that have one side in our Aluminium Barrier Foil (PP12/100) and the other side in our clear PPCC1 Material would be suitable resolutions that would not affect the aesthetics or goal of the packaging.

During the meeting, it was also discussed how customers were expected to open the bags after they had been hermetically sealed. Sebastian suggested adding tear notches to the bags which will allow them to easily tear open the packaging, Dazed Media agreed that this was a good idea and samples of each style of the flat bags were arranged.

The Finale…

Dazed Media placed an order for the half Aluminium Barrier Foil and half Clear Barrier Material Flat Bags allowing their barcodes to be scannable but more importantly broadcasting their spectacular inaugural cover of Kate Moss and Travis Scott reimagined as mythical creatures to be on display.

Thank you to Dazed Media for providing us with this exciting, beautiful project!

If you would like some more information on our Flat Bags or are working on a project that you’d like to discuss then please do contact us.

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