Protective Packaging Limited

Climatic Packaging Protection for the Security Print Industry

Packaging products correctly for shipping and storage is always an important consideration, but for goods that have security printing – such as banknotes – there is an extra level of risk involved as any damage can void these goods, which are costly to replace.

When it comes to security printed goods, moisture can cause irreparable damage, which is why several major companies within the banknote and security printing industries rely on our barrier foil products to ensure total climatic protection of their products during shipping and storage.

Fabricated with an inner layer of aluminium to provide the lowest known water vapour transmission of a flexible material, our barrier foil will protect your products from not only moisture but also oxygen ingress, aggressive gases and UV light, ensuring that the security printed products remain in their original condition.

Our manufacturing facilities are made up of a mixture of automated and hand fabricated facilities, allowing us to tailor our bags and liners to the individual requirements of our customers – for Protective Packaging no order is too small to take advantage of our bespoke service.

To provide additional peace of mind, our barrier foil packaging can be hermetically sealed to provide tamper-evident protection for your goods. Within our packaging solutions range we offer opaque materials which prohibit the viewing of security-print items such as passports, currency or lotto tickets.

Humidity Indicators for Easy Inspection

Assessing humidity levels inside sealed packaging is near enough impossible with the naked eye, which is why we supply a range of different humidity indicators. These smart features allow you to monitor the humidity level of packaged goods with ease, without the need to pen the bag and therefore compromising the goods. Our humidity indicators come as a clock-style display that is 11.5cm in diameter and can be easily fitted into your barrier bags.

Heat Sealing Barrier Bags

Our hand heat sealers are the perfect way to seal our barrier foil bags and are compatible with all grades of barrier foil. They can be used to hermetically seal your goods for assured integrity. Available in a jaw length of 30cm, they can easily be used by one person, making them the ideal choice for small and large businesses alike.

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