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COVID-19: How the NHS is Helping the Nation Fight Back

It is no exaggeration that the coronavirus outbreak has turned life upside down for the entire world, with entire countries coming to a standstill and daily life no longer resembling anything we would have recognised before the outbreak. Like most other countries, here in the UK the health service plays a pivotal role in fighting this virus with NHS staff caring for those who have been worst hit. From retired doctors who have chosen to re-join the service to NHS nurses who have graduated early, the entire health service is doing everything in its power to save as many people as it can.

Of course, the NHS isn’t the only service playing its part in fighting coronavirus and helping the nation through this crisis. Without what the Government has recently labelled as “key workers” the UK would simply grind to a halt. Thankfully, thousands of workers in essentials jobs have chosen to keep working, allowing the general public to continue using essential services such as supermarkets and pharmacies. Alongside delivery drivers, supermarket replenishment and check-out staff, it is also important to praise the post office staff and rubbish collection staff who are still working, allowing these vital services to continue in such uncertain times.

Businesses are also stepping up in this difficult time to provide the NHS with help in any way that they can. From hand sanitiser to uniforms for staff, many businesses have now focused efforts within their factories to manufacturing key items to support the health service and its workers.

Like all of the businesses stepping up and doing their part to support the NHS, Protective Packaging is still operating to ensure we supply the protective bags required for the medical, pharmaceutical and food sectors. Offering our usual industry-leading lead times, we are continuing to manufacture barrier foil bags to protect customers’ products from moisture, gases, extreme temperatures, contamination and odour transfer.

We would also like to take this opportunity to extend our thanks to the NHS for everything that they are currently doing, from the entire team here at Protective Packaging Ltd. In an unprecedented time, thousands of doctors, nurses, and healthcare staff continue to dedicate their lives to provide the highest level of care for all those who need it.

To show them your thanks too, don’t forget to clap for NHS workers every Thursday at 8pm and encourage children to get involved by creating rainbows and displaying these in your windows.

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