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Packaging can often be divided into two main groups – sales and transportation. The first group are the ones you see on the shelves in the supermarket – colourful, vibrant and eye-catching. The second are the ones the customer usually doesn’t see – under the print, in the back of the delivery van and in the warehouse, the unsung heroes that protect the goods inside or make it easier to store and transport them. Oftentimes these go hand in hand but as consumers we are usually unaware of the technology behind preserving the items we use and rely on daily. And whether you are the business at the start of the chain or the consumer at the end of it – the maintenance and safe transportation of those goods are always the main goal.

When a business approaches Protective Packaging, they will likely have a product they want to ship or store but they aren’t sure on the best options for them. As part of the customer service team, we apply our in depth knowledge of what our company can provide on a case-by-case basis. We boast an entirely bespoke service with advanced knowledge derived from over 30 years in the industry and can often provide a new enquirer with product information, a quotation for their needs and a sample item within a 24 hour turnaround. This attitude to service comes from the understanding that customers are the most integral part of our business.

Need to safely transport chemicals or store machinery across the country or beyond? Then our barrier foil, desiccant and sealing options are likely to be perfect for you. The industries we have served include everything from pharmaceutical and medical, automotive, diagnostic, export packing, aerospace, electronics, military and defence, engineering and machinery, polymers and resins, adhesives and sealants even as diverse as art preservation in museums. In my role as customer service representative no two days have been the same and that keeps it a fresh and exciting place to work that hopefully resonates within our customers.

Every decision made in providing the right packaging solution to a client focuses directly on what their specific needs are, a flat bag for transporting perishables for restaurants or recipe-box services has wildly different specifications to a flat bag for pharmaceutical equipment and we understand that there is no one size fits all in this industry. Our wide range of barrier foil laminates and products such as 3D barrier bags, box liners, octabin liners, drum liners, handheld heat sealers to name a few, provide protection and coverage for a diverse range of products. The most important thing in any client interaction is making sure that whatever they put inside one of our bags or liners stays in the best possible condition and remains free from unwanted moisture, oxygen ingress, UV light, odours and many more.

Protective Packaging represents the science and technology behind safeguarding materials from harm through shipping and warehousing, right up to when items are on shelves, machinery is plugged in, materials are in labs and (sometimes) food is in space. Whilst you might see the stunning product packaging designs in stores or online, without our contribution, the goods could be ruined before the end user ever gets to them. Where the products go is up to our clients, but how they arrive is up to us.

I have worked within the packaging industry for over 6 years but the most exciting thing about transitioning from pre-press based roles to being a new starter at an innovative company like Protective Packaging is experiencing first-hand how quality is interwoven into everything we produce. I have learned that packaging can be so much more than items on shelves – it should contain, protect, preserve and transport goods throughout the supply chain.

So when a business calls Protective Packaging, no matter what they want or where it is going, they can rest assured that we know, it’s what’s inside that counts.

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