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Dampstick makes Gigg Lane Debut

Bury FC is a team with a rich history and a passionate fan base. Despite facing numerous challenges over the years, Bury FC has always managed to bounce back and demonstrate the true spirit of football.

Bury FC was founded in 1885, making it one of England’s oldest football clubs. The club has a proud history of success, including two FA Cup victories in 1900 and 1903, alongside several promotions and top-tier league appearances. Throughout the years, Bury FC has produced talented players who have left a lasting impact on the sport.

Despite its past, Bury FC faced significant financial struggles in recent years. In 2019, the club was expelled from the English Football League due to financial mismanagement, leaving a dark cloud over Gigg Lane, their historic home stadium. Amidst the challenges, the supporters of Bury FC united to fight for the survival of their beloved club. Campaigns, protests, and community efforts aimed at saving the team from extinction gained momentum, drawing national attention. Despite facing a race against time, their determination to preserve Bury FC’s legacy never wavered.

Local business leaders and fans teamed up to create a new chapter for Bury FC. The club underwent restructuring and was re-admitted into a lower-tier football league, which marked the beginning of a remarkable journey towards reclaiming their former glory.

The rebuilding process involved not just the physical infrastructure of the club but also its culture and values. The renewed Bury FC prioritised sustainable financial practices, youth development, and community engagement.

We’re proud to have a Dampstick advertisement board displayed at the ground, and looking forward to Bury FC’s continued success and the bright future that lies ahead for this resilient and storied club.

What is Dampstick?

Dampstick  specialises in moisture control solutions. Designed to combat dampness, condensation, and excess humidity in various environments which makes it a valuable asset for both residential and commercial spaces.

Whether it’s preventing moisture damage in closets, cupboards, bathrooms, basements or boat cabins, Dampstick is engineered to efficiently absorb excess moisture and maintain a dry and comfortable environment.